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morphs morphemesfish 1 morph Fish 2 morphemes Fish plDESCRIPTIVE DESIGNATORS FOR INFLECTIONAL MORPHEMESInflectional morphemes can often be realized by a few different forms or the same form may denote several different inflectional morphemes PAG da completareMORPHEMYC ANALYSIS - A noun such as sheep raises a difficulty for morphemic analysis since it is singular or plural should we postulate 2 morphemic analuses? Sheep +pl sheep+ sg- This seems like a good idea if we postulate a morpheme for singular even though is never realized we can account for number systematically- So we should reanalyze man’s as man .sg + poss writer as write + er+ sg ADJECTIVES Morphs Morphemes smaller 2 morphs Smaller 2 morphemes Small compbetter 1 morph Better 2 morphemes good compbest 1 morph Best 2 morphemes good suplWe need to postulate a morpheme for positive degree even though is never realized.VERBSmorphs morphemesWorked 2 morphs Worked 2 morphemes2 morphemesWorkworkPastPast participlewrote 1 Wrote 2 morphemes write pastWe need to postulate a morpheme (pres), which is never realized, to account coherently for the distinction past vs present .Work 1 morph work 2 morphemes work + pres PRONOUNSMeaningless express grammatical featuresmorphs morphemesWe 1 morph We 3 morphemes 1 p + pl + nomhim 1 morph Him 4 morphemes 3p+sg+ masc+objits 2 morphs His 4 morphemes 3p+sg+n+possMORPHOLOGICAL REALIZATION RULESCan be of 4 types: - AGGLUTINATIVE RULE 2 morphemes are realized by morphs which remain distinct and are simply glued together es writer+pl- FUSIONAL RULE 2 morphemes are realized by morphs which do not remain distinct but are fused together es tooth pl teeth- NULL REALIZATION RULE a morpheme is never realized as a morph in any word of the relevant classes sing on nouns- ZERO RULE a morpheme is realized as a zero morph in particular members of a word class es sheep+pl sheep.Examples Agglutinative work+ past workedFusional write+ past wroteNull work + pres workZero put+past put put+pastpart putFusional and agglutinative man + pl + poss men’sa. least little/est 2 morphs least little + suprl fusionalb. set 1 morph 2 morphemes set + pres null set+pass zero set+past part zero set + sg null c. fish 1 morph 2 morphemes fish + sg null fish +pl zerod. should 2 morphs shall/ed should shall+past fusionale. hop/ed 2 morphs hope + past agglutinative + past part agglutinativef. hear/ing 2 morphs hear+ present participle agglutinative hear+gerund s gas a noun agglutinativeg. were 1 morph 2 morphemes be+ passt+pl fusional o be + past+sg fusionalh. elder old + comp fusional also a noun elder elder + sg nulli. must must +prs nullj. topmost top+superlative agglutinative k. our morphemes 1rst person + pl+ possesive fusional l. rings ring + pl agglutinative ring +prs+3rd p+sg agglutinative m. sayings say+ gerunde +pl agglutinative n. broken break+past part fusional o. these this+pl fusionalp. whose who+ possessive agglutinativeq. older old+ comp agglutinativer. her 3rd+ feminine+ sg+ obj fusional 3rd+ f+ sg+possesive fusionals. taken take + past part agglutinativet. women's woman + pl + possesive fusional +agglutinative null= when a nouns is sg adj positive verb

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