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Hannah Scheperle Dr Vander Vorste Composition II 11 March 2022 Midterm Reflection The four course objectives are demonstrating academic research techniques incorporating secondary research into original writing using argument for effective evaluation and persuasion and writing more than 16 pages of prose that reflects writing as a process and Standard English These four objectives are very pertinent to what we are focusing on in Composition II The positives that I am exceeding at and negatives that I will be continuing to strive to do better in will be discussed in this reflection These objectives will continue to challenge and make progress in my experience as a writer Demonstrating academic research techniques allows for your paper to be backed up by accredited sources Being able to find and identify sources that will benefit your writing takes a good amount of time in your writing I think that I have been taking more advantage of my sources in this class than in past classes There are some ways that I can improve in this objective as well I need to further expand my research techniques so that I am using different types of sources that will give me a more well rounded paper These will ensure that the reader is able to respect my paper because I am using good sources that will make my paper seem less biased Incorporating secondary research into original writings ties into our first objective as well Both have to do with finding and using those sources in your paper The main difference for the second one is being able to incorporate this source into your writing while still making the paper flow well I think especially in our position paper that I am excelling at this I found sources that back up my paper s position while also finding a source or two that represents the opposition s view also I think that there are some ways that I can improve in this though I think that I can try to make my sources flow better with my paper and make them feel more cohesive This will achieve a paper that should be respected by both sides on a position paper Using argument for effective evaluation and persuasion shows the reader your stance on the paper It allows them to know that you are very firm in your position and will argue for that position throughout your paper I think that I have done this through our position paper I never stray from my stance while still representing the opposition There are ways that I can improve with this though I think that I can create a more straightforward paper and not have as many questions about my stance Sometimes I can understand what the opposition is saying which may be perceived as leaning on both sides of the argument Using argument will create a paper that will create no controversy on what your position is Writing the required number of pages to reflect writing as a process and Standard English allows us to gain more experience in our writing This is very important because the more you write the more confident you get in your work I think through my experiences with the writing steps and the papers that we have written so far that I have improved greatly as a writer I feel that my papers have become more cohesive and are being perceived as less biased This has shown how much this class has helped to improve my writing so that I can use it in my day to day life as I begin in my career I believe that these four objectives have been very useful in my writing I have improved so much from having them The areas I see that I need to improve in are being more straightforward and cohesive in my writing and being firmer in my position I believe that these will help my writing to be more objective to the reader without having controversy

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Mizzou ELSP _0300 - Midterm Reflection

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