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1 Hannah Scheperle Dr Vander Vorste Composition II 8 March 2021 Scheperle Gender Roles Throughout all of time women have been seen as lesser than men This takes place in the home workplace and social hierarchy The government has put in place the law Title VII and Title IX which helps create equality in the workplace and in educational settings Even though this law was put in place it does not mean that this will be distributed throughout all of life Women are still being treated lesser than men in all aspects of life While most people agree that this is an issue that needs to be solved there are others who believe that this is not true in our society This does not help the government or the people to be able to create equality when people are opposing it Gender roles create a huge divide in our society separating men to be better than women Have you ever thought of the reason why laws like Title VII and Title IX were put in place These laws were put in place according to The Civil Rights Act of 1964 This act ensured 11 titles that all related to discrimination This act was put into law by President Lyndon B Johnson to create protect individual rights that are in our Constitution According to Vance Discrimination on the basis of sex includes sexual orientation and gender identity Vance 32 This act helped the Supreme Court to come to a decision on this matter Even though all 11 titles have to do with discrimination the main ones that we are going to focus on are Title VII and Title IX Both titles are great laws that have been put in place to create gender equality Even though I agree with these laws there are still flaws to them that result in gender discrimination 2 Scheperle A lot of jobs in the United States have requirements that you have to be able to obtain to be employed there This could include certain vaccinations lighting weight or having a certain certification In the case Young v United Parcel Service Inc the issue was that a pregnant woman who worked for UPS could not lift the required amount of pounds due to her pregnancy This led to UPS being investigated further for discrimination not just to this pregnant woman but also to other employees who lacked the qualifications as well According to Edmonds Young s comparators received accommodations Edmonds 931 Even though the Eleventh Circuit could not help their people the Seventh Circuit was able to help compensate these workers who had been discriminated against based on their inability to meet requirements due to health concerns Therefore Title VII was enforced to protect these workers from being discriminated against based on sex and health defects There is a lot of talk and facts put in place that talks about discrimination in the workplace but it also plays a big role in educational settings In 2014 at Hamilton College Bourdon filed a sexual assault complaint that violated Title IX that was ignored by the college and not deemed important This is not an acceptable way to enforce civil rights said Laura L Dunn a victim rights lawyer who is representing Bourdon Brown This claim shows that even though laws are put in place to protect from gender inequality they do not always follow through According to the Educational Department database there were 243 active OCR investigations in November of 2021 These sexual harassment claims distract students from being able to learn and create an unsafe learning environment There are oppositions to this position Some may make the point that women and men have differences Some of the points they can make are that women are leaner than men Women are shorter than men Women are more emotional than men They believe that this results in the 3 Scheperle reason why women should be seen as lower than men I do believe that these are valid points and facts that these people can make but this should not be reasoning as to why women do not have as many opportunities as men do These people focus just on the differences that women are to men They do not focus on the defaults of being a man also Even though there are differences between men and women this should not mean that women are treated unequally to men Women can do anything that they set their mind to which results in them being able to do what men are able to do There is another position that the opposition can take They see women as masochists According to Benvenuto examples of women masochism are childbirth and sexual activities He says Every woman needs to turn this insult being penetrated along with all its connotation of dispossession into her triumph Benvenuto 106 He is saying that women use their sexual desires as manipulation towards the opposite sex This translates to women asking to be seen as inferior toward the opposite sex I think that this is a very juristic way of looking at gender roles and completely disagree with it This is just one person s opinion that does not describe most women These laws have been put into place by our government but are they being used to their full potential In my opinion I do not think that they are I feel as though these laws are being seen as formalities taken by the government They are not being enforced as we have seen through the multiple examples of gender inequality in our society I believe that the only way to find a solution to this problem is to start enforcing these laws and not letting these instances slide This will create a society that feels more welcoming to all citizens Gender roles create a huge divide in our society separating men to be better than women This is a pertinent problem in today s society as it is actively trying to be solved Titles 4 VII and IX were put in place in order to protect the people s Constitutional rights of equality I believe that these laws are effective but still need to improve to protect all citizens from discrimination I believe that in the next decade there will be a huge decline in gender inequality in our society Gender equality is a very important issue that has seemed to be taken not so Scheperle seriously as it should be 5 Works Cited Scheperle Benvenuto Sergio What are Perversions Sexuality Ethics Psychoanalysis Routledge Ch 5 2016 pp 106 EBSCOHost Brown Sarah Under Biden s Education Dept Sexual Violence Investigations Drag on Chronicle of Higher Education vol 68 issue 8 2021 EBSCOHost Edmonds Alexander S Mopping Up the Mess A Call to Adopt the Seventh Circuits Standard for Assessing Comparator Evidence in Title VII Discrimination Claim

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