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The Age of Jackson 03 31 2014 Jackson was a widower he took politics personally His wife died due to a heart attack which he blamed on the campaign of his opponent Clay and Adams Margaret Eden reminded Jackson of his late wife so he often defended her Margaret Eden Washington and other cabinet members ignored the Edens especially Mainly because of the quickness in which Margaret married after her husband s death Called her The Whore of Washington Jackson in enraged when people did not treat Margaret well The country is watching the Washington Elite Women are beginning to dress less modestly high waisted low necklines on dressed open backs Fashion hints toward sexual affairs of these women Martin Van Buren suggests to Jackson that Van Buren and Eden resign from the cabinet If they resign other cabinet members ones Jackson did not want in there will have to follow suit Giving Jackson a clean slate Master General Jackson accepts all resignations with the exception of the Post Jackson gets a cabinet to his liking He was able to use the Eden Affair as a loyalty test o Loyal to him accepted the Edens Eden is appointed governor of the Florida territory and ambassador to Spain Vice President Calhoun also resigns Goes to South Carolina and is elected to Senate Key leader in the nullification crisis o Tariff keeps going up on imports Move to lower tariff raises Comes up with a way that states could call a convention to nullify void a federal law Jackson request an expeditionary force to go to south Carolina to enforce the task and put down rebellion He did not feel he needed permission but he wanted to show how South Carolina was cornered Nullification Crisis comes to an end Jackson wins re election cover up Calhoun was worried about slavery not the tariff tariff issue was used as a Feared that down the road the country would abolish slavery The only way to protect it was the nullification Democratic Republican party splits into 2 in 1832 Democratic Republicans Jackson and National Republicans Both hold conventions in Baltimore Democrats nominate Jackson National Republicans nominate Clay Jackson wins re election Immediately Jackson takes action against the bank For the first time in America s history there is an assassination attempt against the President of the Unites States Lawrence fired once from each of his pistols but each misfired Economy grows deposits shrink 1836 bank is not re chartered Jackson decided to re distribute the wealth back to the states Distribution Acts 35 million sent out to states Indian Removal Acts Provided money to tribes to sell their land and move into Indian territory Supreme Court rules that Georgia cannot force Cherokee off of their land which had gold o They would have to leave voluntarily Executive Branch Jackson is in charge of seeing that Supreme Court decisions are enforced o Jackson is in favor of Indian removal so he does not enforce the court s decision to leave Cherokee alone Jackson vetoes Maysville Road in opposition to Henry Clay blames Clay for his wife s death and Eden Affair Jackson lets his personality and personal feelings affect his presidency Driven by personality not ideology Development of spoils system Process of turning over federal jobs to current president s supporters To the winner goes the spoils 03 31 2014 03 31 2014

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LSU HIST 2055 - The Age of Jackson

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