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1555 Nobunaga begins rise to power1582 Nobunaga assassinated by underlinghad consolidated 1/3 of Japan1588 Hideyoshi establishes sword-hunts among peasantsbans on Christianity begin,inconsistently enforced until 16651591 Hideyoshi controls all of Japan1592 Hideyoshi’s first invasion attempt in Korea1597 Hideyoshi’s second invasion attempt in Korea1598 Hideyoshi’s death1600 Battle of Sekigahara1603 Ieyasu has emperor grant him title of shogun1605 Ieyasu retires, puts son Hidetada on thronerules behind the scenes1610 Francis Xavier kicked out of Japan1614 Battle of Osaka Castle16151616 Ieyasu’s death1623 English abandon Japanese trade1624 Spanish abandon Japanese tradecommoners required to register with Buddhist temple16301633 bakufu provide funds for “Sages Hall” to honor ConfuciusIemitsu issues edicts restricting interaction of Japanese with foreigners16331635 Iemitsu regularizes attendance system trade out of Nagasaki banned16371638Shimabara Rebellion1639 last Portuguese leave JapanDutch move to Dejima 1640 prohibition of “Christian books”16421645 Iemitsu elevates Nikko shrine to level of IseTokugawa Tsunayoshi16461665 temples guarantee each person’s religious loyalty1690 Hayashi academy recognized as shogunate universitysecular scholars, Confucian ideals to support state16911692Engelbert Kaempfer visits Japan1700 5-6% of Japan’s population in cities >100kEdo population 1m, likely largest in world1703 actual event of 47 Ronin 17091720 prohibition on “Christian books” relaxed1780 Russians reach Siberia1786 Tenmei famine; worst winter in decades, starvation1792 Russians ask bakufu for trade (Hokkaido) 1804 Russians ask again for trade (Nagasaki) 1825 Aizawa Yasushi’s New Theses (Shinron) bakufu: any ship in Japanese waters shot at1842 bakufu relax policy of shoot first questions latersonno joi 1853 Perry’s first trip to Japanbakufu asks for daimyo’s opinions on visit1854 Perry returns, Americans allowed stopover, not trade1856 Townsend Harris takes residence as American consul1858 bakufu signs treaty for trade with West1859 bakufu executes Yoshida for trying to leave with Perry1862 Katsu Kaishu alternate attendance policy relaxed1864 Choshu punished for attack on bakufu1865 bakufu creates foreigner’1866 Tokugawa Yoshinobu takes office1868 emperor Meiji convinced to announce “restoration”Sat-Cho rebels comprise provisional government hiring foreigners 1870 non-samurai all commonersIwakura Embassy 1871 domains abolished, replaced with prefectures1872 education made compulsory1873 national conscription new tax system – per head, not villagehiring foreigners 1874 riots over conscriptionattack on Taiwan1876 samurai stipends made into

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