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• Huntington• Western Europe = civilization• Eastern Europe is where Western civilization ends• Identities are voluntary but not arbitrary• ex: Egyptians in Kosovo under Serbs known "gypsies" or "Roma" previously in the middle ages aren't really Egyptians• ex: Australia as an Asian country and in Asia during 1970s isn't really "Asia"• who is the collective in a country and how is that measured?• identity as self-identification but also accounts for others' thoughts too• Americans, Japanese, Chinese all view British as Europeans• What is Britain?• still exist? "dead">• classic-nationstate historically or just a state? • devolved territories• Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland• English opposition to Europe rather than a British one• Britain to become more/less European for survival• Does the country wish to be European? (Barnett)• "Could Britain… truly accept that her modern destiny was to be a European country?" -Hugo Young• six meanings of European• 1. white• "European, not ENglish or British"• 2. Christian• formally, formerly, or ex-/post-Christian• 3. geographically EUropean• second smallest continent• Western extension of Eurasia• geographers say that Britain is a part of Europe yes• 4. EU• 5. European is "supporter of the project of the European Union" as in "committed/dedicated European"• 6. European standards/values• Austria accepted after being pitted against these• a Europe in which Hitler and Haider weren't European• Is British Europe under these terms?• history• distinguishing factor• story of continuity which contrasts with the fickle mutability of the continent• constantly changing regimes, borders, monarchs, constitutions, etc.• Common Law, Parliament, sovereignty, Crown in Parliament• British Exceptionalism• Britain as a "proud and independent-minded island race" according to Blair• with European blood• exceptionalism is a norm, no differentiation• Western and European classifications for normality• deconstruction• view history in larger framework• systematic comparisons with European experiences • other Europeans embraced Protestantism and some even invented it• look at the whole story of the British Isles• a history of four nations• de-insularization• much more European• Treaties of Rome to Treaty of Amsterdam• capitalism/Americanization• Anglo-American capitalism as opposed to Rhine-Alpine model• EU-based trade• largest part of investment is in/from US• fascination with American policy and solutions• Question becomes• Is britain fully committed to the EU and some version of the European project?• what is meant by Britain?• membership in EU is 25% positive • benefits: 25%• European Commission trust: 24%• connotation of Europe• peculiar to Britain• l'Europe europeene• ideal, myth, stuff of which political identities are made of• British "Europeans" lack this• no conclusion• other identities are too strong but Europeans' is partial• partial identities are not shallow• Britains are European but not only European• only a partial

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