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Psy 201 Notes March 25, 2014Sex and Gender · Transexual: Person with deep conflict between physical biological sex and preferred psychological and social gender roles. · Gender Identity: Sense of being a male or female Demensions of Sex · Genetic Sex: XX Female XY Male · Hormonal Sex: Male- Androgen Female- Estrogen· Gonadal: Male: Testees Female: Ovaries · Genital Sex: Genitals Sexual Orientation· Asexuality: Person not romantically or erotically attracted to either men or women · Heterosexuality: Attracted to opposite sex. · Homosexuality: Attracted to same sex. · Homophobia: Discrimination against homosexuals · Heterosexism: Belief that heterosexuality is the only and better way. Biological Determinism· Prenatal Hormone Theory: The hormones that fetus' are exposed to determine their sexuality.· The Brain: 3rd interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus. Connectionsto the amygdala Gender Development· Gender Identity: One's personal private sense of maleness or femaleness · Biological Biasing Effect: Prenatal exposure to sex hormones has on development of body, nervous system, and later behavior patterns.· Gender Role: Favored pattern of behavior of each sex. · Gender Role Stereotypes: Oversimplified beliefs about what men and women are actually like · Instrumental Behaviors: Any act to achieve some goal · Expressive Behaviors: Express or communicate emotion or personal feelingsAndrology · Psychological Andrology: "Man-woman" refers to having feminine and masculine traits Sexual Behaviors · Sexual Arousal: Erogenous Zones- areas of the body that produce pleasure and provoke erotic desire. · Sexual Scripts: Unspoken mental plan that guides sexual behavior · Sex Drive: Strength of motivation to engage in sexual behaviors · Masturbation: Self stimulation by genitals Sexual Interactions - 4 Phrases 1. Excitement: Indicated by initial signs of sexual arousal 2. Plateau: Physical arousal intensifies. 3. Orgasm: Climax and release of sexual excitement 4. Resolution: Return to lower levels of sexual tension and arousal. Sexual Deviations· Paraphilias: Compulsive and destructive deviations in sexual preferences orbehaviors. · Child Molestation · ExhibitionismContemporary Attitudes · Double Standards: Applying different standards for judging the appropriateness of male and female behavior. The Crime of Rape · Acquaintance (date) Rape: Forced intercouse tht occurs in the context of a date · Rape Myth: False belief about rape that blame the victim and make men feelthat their act is justified. · Forcible Rape: Against the victim's will under threat Sexual Dysfunctions· Desire Disorders: Low or no sex motivation · Arousal Disorders: Desires sex but not aroused · Orgasm Disorders: Doesn't have orgasms or they come too soon or too late · Sexual Pain Disorders: Pain during sex that hurts and make sex

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Ole Miss PSY 201 - Sex and Gender

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