JWU PHIL 3240 - My Life's Quest

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Lorraine AcostaPHIL324021 September 2019My Life’s Quest1. Where I've Come From: I come from a third world country, the Dominican Republic. My family is what you would call “modern-day poor,” where we never missed a meal but didn’t really have much. These humble beginnings taught me a lot. It taught me that what’s really important is how you treat others, how you can contribute to society, that hard work always pays off. 2. Where I Am Now: How I react and treat other people is one of my most valued virtues. Iused to go on mission trips to poor countries and help build houses for the families in need and volunteer at homeless shelters, helping with anything I could; serving food, giving out socks and blankets, etc. Since I’m staying at home with my son now and don’t get out much, I don’t get volunteer as much as I did. Now I focus on teaching my son to be the same way; kind and compassionate and understanding to others.3. Where You Want to Be: I would like to, in the future, be able to build and own housing and employment programs for the homeless, who so desperately need them. Additionally, I’d liketo develop childcare programs to poor families so that they are able to work or study to better their situation. I’ve seen poverty firsthand. I’m talking about extreme poverty. I had friends who would anxiously wait for me to get back home from school to play; they had to wait because their parents couldn’t afford to even send them to school. I guess this is my motivation behind allthis.4. How to Get to your Goal: To achieve these goals I must first get educated with everything; from real estate and construction to professional childcare. I can tell you that my lackof education in those matters are my weaknesses. My strengths include leadership, determination, and the burning hunger to help those in need. This exercise has helped me really think about and narrow down what I ultimately want in life and start to figure out how to lay the path leading to it. 5. Connection to Ethical Theories: I think that universalism best aligns with my views because I believe that some moral values are shared globally. Obviously, with the exception of those who don’t care much for this, I think that most of the world’s hearts would shatter at the thought of cold, starving, dirt-poor families. I also share some utilitarian views, where I believe that all humans are of equal worth. That being poor or that being a minority does not make us less-than, and everyone deserves a chance to really live, not just

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JWU PHIL 3240 - My Life's Quest

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