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CMC ENG 003A - Week 2

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Works Cited1Reyes Vanessa ReyesDr. Weatherup ENG 0032/7/20Week 2 Writing Assignment: Workbook PracticesThe overall impression of the excerpt was inspirational. Harriet was someone who not only was a monumental figure of the abolitionist movement but as well, someone who can identify with the struggle of encountering slavery firsthand to someone who was born into slavery and escaped. She was valiant and compassionate towards the individuals she encountered; Even to the point of putting her life in danger. Her character was a beacon of light to others who had endured the same fate. She exemplified leadership qualities—Harriet could best be described as someone who was a resilient leader despite the various struggles, she encountered such as returning to numerous slaves holding states to help other slaves escape. According to Some Scenes in the Life of Harriet Tubman, by Sarah H. Bradford, the reckoning ofnumbers was something that was not carried into mind “ Harriet was obliged to come by many different routes on her different journeys, and though she never counted those whom she broughtaway with her, it would seem, by the computation of others, that there must have been somewhere near three hundred brought by her to the Northern States and Canada.” (53). This quotation validates that her character was honest, and she demonstrated self-control through her motives in doing so, not striving to gain the approval of multiple head counts, but that her ultimate concern was taking a stand in ensuring the defeat on slavery in the United States. Lastly, Tubman was an emblem of patriotism for the North by siding with the Union; she stood for the Northern States who were unitarian countries in opposition to slavery and endorsing for equal rights. Harriet believed in equal recognition of all human beings…this is liberty an2Reyes American Symbol; where discrimination on the basis of race, gender, color, property, birth etc.…was banned. She was a fearless spy on the lines for the Northern front—bringing back useful information. To conclude, Harriet continues to be a dreamer for many. She fought for the liberty and gained it for many of those individuals enslaved despite, the hardship she encountered, she proceeded to look forward. Harriet’s valiant character, leadership skills and nationalism made heran honorable woman who defined categorization in the world.3Reyes Works CitedWeatherup, E. R. College English Workbook and Reader: with a Theme on

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