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CMC ENG 003A - Writing Assignment

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Works CitedReyes 1Vanessa ReyesDr. WeatherupENG 003January 28, 2020Writing Assignment: Free WriteEducation is the pathway that leads to success. Success can only come through knowledge, wisdom and acquired skills through experience. Education is the source to all outlets.Within society Education is means to receiving a good income. It is a process of a skill that is obtained through learning. More in the realm of critical thinking and looking at an idea from an open mind and avoidance of a narrow lens. You enlighten your brain to look at things through a different mind frame instead of automatically inclining yourself to be biased or indisposed to dissenting oppositions of opinion, idea or attitudes. Education it is important because it is a privilege, we all have and by we those who residewithin the U.S. to be able to go to school freely by means of the state and local government who fund schooling from K-12 in the U.S. I’ve traveled within third world countries who don’t necessarily have the funding to afford to go to school. It requires a lot of sacrifice of one’s own welfare to be able to afford the tuition. Therefore, why waste an opportunity? Education is powernot only for a cultural development but as well for economic growth in a population. It edifies uson today’s culture, society and state governments; it allows us to stray away from a bigoted attitude and be more willing to be taught and move on with the time phenomenon. The U.S. is founded on this idea of prosperity and I’m inclined to believe this has a lot to do with the value that is placed on education; how it contributes to the workforce and how Congress provides financial support through subsidized funding.Reyes 2I feel in order to attain an education you must first be eager to learn something new. A mind that is always open-minded to asking questions—is a mind that seeks to be educated. Next, it goes behind of what is taught in the school system; this to--interpret and memorize an answer or to decipher the correct from the incorrect because we are all in some sense taught to think the same way but the error in judgement is, we are all different in our abilities, diverse in our processes and unique in our psyche. Which is to say, a perfect 4.0 GPA or Academic distinctions won’t automatically guarantee you as a spot as CEO of a company. Sometimes it has to do with better qualifications, or their ability to think critically above and more creatively. Lastly, don’t beafraid to challenge yourself. The greater your self-confidence is the more successful you’ll be in your academic route. You grow not only as an individual but in an optimism that you can accomplish any trial or hardship you may be faced with. You step out of your comfort zone and build upon what you already know as well, uncover what you are passionate for and unravel newinterests and later along the line apply this new knowledge and implement in your career and everyday life by helping another individual grow.Reyes 3Works CitedNo citations but if used then would be located

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