CMC ENG 003A - Vanessa Reyes

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Works CitedReyes 1Vanessa ReyesDr. WeatherupENG 0032/13/20Writing Assignment: Week 3Vincent Van Gogh impression of the way he viewed humanism, conveyed an emotional and yet spiritual state through his art. He saw what we would consider in the religious world the inner spirituality of a man; an inbred nature of a human led to his imaginative and dramatic canvas style and content. It touched beyond the surface it went beyond the physical appearance of the subject. It was a deep psychological emotion rendering of his surroundings. Van Gogh describes a portrait (“The Bench of the Poor”) by Master de Groux in the early 19th century. This portrait portrayed a symbol of realism where Vincent writes “It always strikes me, and it is very peculiar, that when we see the image of the indescribable and unutterable desolation- of loneliness, of poverty and misery, the end of all things, or their extreme, then rises in our mind the thought of God; At least this is the case with me and does not Father also say: “There is no place where I like better to speak than in a churchyard, for there we are all on equal ground; not only that, there we always realize it (28). I like these quotes because they acknowledge a portraittouched by humanity. In the portrait you see drivers riddled in old, dirty clothing—deep in poverty a long group of paupers aligned in a row but not one is considered or aided by a member of the wealthy class. It had me questioning why when grief, pain, suffering or hardship fall is when you feel isolated and alone with nothing to offer is when your mind is enlightened or possess a faith of higher divine power. Then it striked me the poor and lonely are rich in wisdom because they are in possession to a profound truth about themselves. There is a sincerity in recognizing that there is a need for a God. Which goes beyond maintaining statutes or commandments in the religious system. In the Bible it says “Blessed are the poor”; this pertainsReyes 2to an authentic change of heart not a social system of wealth nor does your self-sufficiency merit your way to Heaven but a genuine transformation of attitude. So, in reference to the courtyard weare on the same middle ground, we are not to think of ourselves proudly or above others; but we must all possess a humble mindset.Reyes 3Works CitedWeatherup, E. R. College English Workbook and Reader: with a Theme on

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CMC ENG 003A - Vanessa Reyes

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