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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Aty 253 - Intro to Biological Anthrpolgy
Intro to Biological Anthrpolgy Documents

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Aty 253 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Major issues What do we mean by placing a fossil in its context and why is this critical to understanding evolutionary processes This is determining things about it such as how old the fossil is and what its environment was like How do fossils form and why is taphonomy important to consider in fossilization They form as a rapid burial occurs after death and if there is a low oxygen or oxygen free environment Taphonomy is what happens to an organism from the time it dies to the time it is discovered This is important because it can tell us what kind of conditions the fossil went through over the many years before its discovery What is the difference between relative and absolute dating Relative designating an event or object older or younger than another Absolute Numerical designating a date for an event or object in numerical time How does stratigraphy work This is how sediments are laid down in successive layers strata They are laid down flat with the bottom layers being older than the top ones How does radiometric dating work and what are some examples of the technique It is the clock like decay of one isotope into another over time Carbon 14 dating is when the isotope Carbon 14 decays into Nitrogen 14 Its half life is 5 730 years Potassium Argon dating is when Potassium 14 decays into Argon 14 Its half life is 1 3 billion years What are some of the major changes that the earth has experienced in the past Sea level and temperature told through oxygen isotopes What processes may have led to the evolution of primates The warming of the earth and the spread of tropical forests during the Eocene epoch What s so interesting about the Fayum Depression in Egypt There were over 1 000 anthropoid fossils found including Aegyptopithecus and other ape ancestors with 2 1 2 3 dental formula What is a dental ape They have bunodont Y 5 molars but lack mobile shoulder joints of suspensory apes What characteristics do paleoanthropologists

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