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Term Work PlanWriting assignments 100 pointsSPSS assignments [email protected] 25 pts 75 pointsNO CURVE CALCULATED: FINAL GRADES ARE AS FOLLOWSA = 473-500 points C = 345-364 pointsPsychology 467QQuantitative Methods Fall 2009Dr. Chehalis Strapp Teaching Assistant:Todd 309 Kayla Willhite(503) 838-8316 Todd 316 Office Hours: Mon & Wed 9-11, Office Hours:Tuesdays 2-3, Thursdays 9-10 email:[email protected] by [email protected] Prerequisites: Psy 201, 202, 301, Math 105 or Math 111 or equivalents. Course Description: This course covers fundamental concepts used by psychologists to describe, summarize and make inferences about scientific data. In addition, students learn and apply the scientific method to an individual research project that is completed in Psy 468W spring term. Course Objectives for Psychology 467 & 468: Students will understand and apply research methods in psychology including design, data analysis and interpretation. Additionally students will demonstrate information competence by their ability to access, evaluate and summarize in writing and oral communication psychological literature following APA guidelines. Accomplishing these objectives involves:- understanding how research methods address different types of hypotheses- differentiating designs that permit causal inferences from those that do not- evaluating conclusions derived from psychological research based on statistics - formulating testable hypotheses- locating and using relevant databases to plan, conduct and interpret studies- designing an appropriate study to address a research question- collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting data using appropriate statistical techniques and APA style- following the APA code of ethics in treatment of participants and data reporting- demonstrating effective writing skills- demonstrating effective oral communication skillsWe cover extensive material in the class and the material is cumulative. Please feel freeto come see me during office hours, call me or send me an email throughout the term if you have questions or concerns. A student needing an accommodation for any type of disability, should see me during my office hours, schedule an appointment to meet outside of my office hours, or contactthe Office of Disability Services (838-8250 v/tty) in APSC 405.Required Materials for every class meeting: Gravetter, F. J., & Wallnau, L. B. (2008). Essentials of statistics for the behavioralsciences (6th ed.). Belmont, CA: Thomson/Wadsworth A scientific calculatorTerm Work PlanExams 2 @ 100 pts 200 points5 out of 6 quizzes @ 20 pts 100 pointsWriting assignments 100 pointsSPSS assignments [email protected] 25 pts 75 pointsClass participation 25 points 500 points possibleNO CURVE CALCULATED: FINAL GRADES ARE AS FOLLOWSA = 473-500 points C = 345-364 pointsA- = 445-472 points C- = 325-344 points*B+ = 425-444 points D+ = 305-324 pointsB = 405-424 points D = 285-304 pointsB- = 385-404 points D- = 265-284 pointsC+ = 365-384 points F = under 265 points*Students planning to take Psy 468W must earn a grade of C- or better in Psy 467. Exams: Two 100-point exams will be given on the dates listed in the class schedule. Exams will be a combination of multiple choice and problem solving. If for any reason you miss an exam see makeup policy listed below. Reworking exam questions: on the day that an exam is returned in class, you can choose to earn up to 50% of the points that you missed by reworking any questions thatyou missed. Specific steps required for reworking questions will be discussed when the exam is returned. All reworking must take place in class on the day that the exam is returned or as specified for exam #2 below. Quizzes: Six 20-point “pop” quizzes will appear throughout the term; approximately three will be taken before each exam. Your best 5 quizzes will be counted towards your grade. Your lowest quiz score is dropped. If you miss a quiz FOR ANY REASON that is your dropped quiz. If you miss more than one quiz you are strongly encouraged to consider the extra credit option. You can not rework quiz problems for partial credit, but doing so for practice is great preparation for exams. Writing Assignments: This term we will begin preliminary work on an individual research project that you will complete in Psy 468W. In Psy 467 you will develop a literature review and submit a first draft of the project, including title page, introduction, method, and references sections. In Psy 468 you will submit another draft of your paper and begin data collection within the first month of the term. Writing assignments are detailed in an additional handout.SPSS Assignments: You will complete 3 SPSS assignments. These assignments involve entering data into a computer program, analyzing the data using SPSS, printing out your results, and answering a set of questions that accompany the data. Due dates for the assignments are listed in the class schedule on the last page of the syllabus. Specific details of the SPSS assignments provided in another handout. Homework: Homework problems will be assigned in class daily. Answers to these problems will be discussed at the beginning of the next class. Homework problems are not graded, but I conduct random homework checks and include that information in class participation points. Working on homework problems is the best thing you can do to understand the material and prepare for quizzes and exams. Class participation: Class participation is a very important factor and will be strongly considered in determination of final grades. I assume that you will come to class prepared for full participation (that is reading and homework completed, book and calculator ready for problem solving, etc.). As noted above, random checks of homework will be used for determining class participation points, as well as asking and answering questions in class. Extra Credit: You may earn up to 15 points extra credit by eithera) participating in research projects conducted in the psychology division or or b) Interviewing and writing up a summary about a person who is in a career that you areinterested in pursuing. The focus of the interview and write up will be to determine how statistics are used within that specific career. Extra credit is due at exam#2 and will not be accepted before or after this date. Extra credit requirements listed in a separate handout.Course Policies for Psychology 467Office hours: Feel free

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