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EE 124-01 ELECTRONIC DESIGN II SPRING 2009M. Javad ZoroofchiTwo midterm exams 40%Final exam 25%EE 124-01 ELECTRONIC DESIGN II SPRING 2009Course ScheduleDateTopicReadingProblemSAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EE 124-01 ELECTRONIC DESIGN II SPRING 2009Course Description: Basic analog bipolar and cmos IC circuit analysis and design. Topics include current sources, differential amplifiers, active loads, frequency response, feedback amplifiers, frequency compensation, output stages, and operational amplifiers.Prerequisites: EE 122, EE 128, and Engr 100W with grades of C or betterLearning Objectives: The students should be able to- Analyze and design simple building blocks of an IC amplifier ( both bjt and cmos )- Analyze and design amplifier frequency response ( both bjt and cmos )- Analyze and design feedback circuits ( both bjt and cmos )- Analyze and design output stages ( both bjt and cmos )- Analyze and design simple op amp circuits ( both bjt and cmos )Relationship to Program Objectives: This course supports the achievement of the following objectives (number in parentheses refer to specific ABET criteria) (3.a) An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering(3.c) An ability to design an amplifier circuit to meet desired needs(3.e) An ability to identify, formulate, and solve engineering problems (3.k) An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for engineering practiceOutcome Assessment Methods: - Class participation- Two midterm examinations, a few quizzes, homework, and a final examination- Semester-end course and instructor evaluationTextbooks and Other Required Material:1. Microelectronic Circuits, 5th Edition, by Sedra and Smith, Oxford University Press, 20042. Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits, 4th Edition, by Gray and Meyer, Wiley, 2001 (reference only )3. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits, by Razavi, McGraw-Hill, 2001 (reference only)4. CMOS Analog Circuit Design, 2nd Edition, by Allen and Holberg, Oxford University Press, 2002 (reference only) 5. EE 124 Lecture Notes, by P. Fung, Maple Press, 2009Course Coordinator:M. Javad ZoroofchiEE 124-01 ELECTRONIC DESIGN II SPRING 2009Course Instructor:M. Javad ZoroofchiOffice and Office Hours:Room E 255, MW 11:00-12:00, TR 18:00-19:00, or by an appointmentPhone and Email:(408) 924-3919, [email protected] and Homework:Homework will be assigned and the solutions to the homework problems will be provided periodically during the semester. The problems are representative of those you will have on examinations. Problem solution is essential to success in this course.A number of projects will be assigned to the students in the laboratory part of this course, where a student will design, simulate, build, and test an electronic circuit, write a final report on the projectand give a presentation. For more detail refer to EE 124 Laboratory Manual.Exams:There will be two midterm examinations, a few quizzes, and a final examination. All examinationswill be closed book and closed notes except for one sheet of formulae for a midterm examination and two sheets of formulae for the final examination.Midterm exam #1 (current sources and differential amplifiers) W Mar 4Midterm exam #2 (feedback amplifiers and frequency response of amplifiers) W Apr 22Final exam (comprehensive) Grading:Two midterm exams 40%Quizzes 10% Final exam 25%Lab grade 25%EE 124-01 ELECTRONIC DESIGN II SPRING 2009 Course ScheduleDate Topic Reading ProblemJan 19-23 Introduction, BJT and MOSFET small-signal models Ch (4,5) review TBAJan 26-30 MOS and BJT current sources Ch (6) Sec 3Feb 02-06 MOS and BJT current sources (cont’d), Cascode amplifiers Ch (6) Sec 8, 12, 13Feb 09-13 MOS and BJT differential amplifiers Ch (7) Sec 1, 2, 3 Feb 16-20 Active loads, Offsets Ch (6) Sec 5Ch (7) Sec 4, 5Feb 23-27 Bode plots, Introduction to negative feedback,Series-shunt feedback amplifiers Appendix ECh (8) Sec 1, 2, 3, 4Mar 02-06 Series-series feedback amplifiers,Shunt-shunt and shunt-series feedbackCh (8) Sec 5, 6 Mar 09-13 Loop gain and stability problem, Stability study using Bode plots Ch (8) Sec 7, 8, 9, 10Mar 16-20 Frequency compensation Ch (8) Sec 11, 12 Mar 30-Apr 03Frequency response of amplifiers, High-frequency models,Open-circuit and short-circuit time constant analyses,Miller’s theoremCh (4) Sec 8, Ch (5) Sec 8Ch (6) Sec 1, 2, 4Apr 06-10 Frequency response of the CS and CE amplifiers,Frequency response of the CG, CB, and Cascode amplifiersCh (4) Sec 9, Ch (5) Sec 9Ch (6) Sec 6, 7, 8, 9Apr 13-17 The source and emitter followers, Wideband amplifiers,Differential amplifier frequency responseCh (6) Sec 10, 11 Ch (7) Sec 6Apr 20-24 Output stages, class A amplifiers,Class B amplifiersCh (14) Sec 1, 2, 3Apr 27-May 01Class AB amplifiers Ch (14) Sec 4, 5, 6, 7May 04-08 CMOS and BJT op amps Ch (7) Sec 7Ch (9) Sec 1, 2, 3, 4May 11-13 CMOS and BJT op amps (cont’d) Ch (9) Sec 5,

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