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U of M EPSY 8271 - Reflection Paper – Week 6

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EPsy 8271 Reflection Paper – Week 6 Jihoon Ryoo 1 Wilkerson, M. and Olson, M.R. (1997). Misconceptions About Sample Size, Statistical Significance, and Treatment, The Journal of Psychology, 131(6), 627-631. It was good to reveal misconceptions that many students are struggling in statistical inference. However, it does not seem that it discussed the problems related to misconception seriously. The design in this paper was not supportive what statistics community faced with statistical inference issue. The research method seemed to be limited in terms of population where their assertion can be generalized. Haller, H. and Krauss, S. (2002). Misinterpretations of Significance: A Problem Students Share with Their Teachers? Methods of Psychological Research Online, 7(1). I strongly agree the following: Although these misinterpretations are well documented among students, until now there has been little research on pedagogical methods to remove them. Rather, they are considered “hard facts” that are impervious to correct. I was also trapped at “replication fallacy” when I tried to do the questionnaire. Their suggestion related to Bayesian theorem seems to be effective. Myths listed section 3.2 were very acceptable. One other thing that I like was to discuss misinterpretations with statistical thinking. What can be alternatives for NHST that can be acceptable in statistics community besides Bayesian approach? There may be many good strategies that are not listed in this paper even though not all of them have same power as NHST. Statistical educators need to prepare how deep and wide the curriculum are constructed to balance means or tools for statistical inferences.EPsy 8271 Reflection Paper – Week 6 Jihoon Ryoo 2 Sotos, A.E.C., Vanhoof, S., Van den Noortgate, W. and Onghena, P. (2007). Students’ misconceptions of statistical inference: A review of the empirical evidence from research on statistics education, Educational Research Review, 2, 98-113 They summarized students’ misconceptions of statistical inference same as title. Many issues were brought in one paper. It was helpful to summarize what I need to consider as statistics educator what barriers are in misconceptions of statistical inference. However, I had questions like: Was there any solution? Do I have to read all articles to find solution related statistical inferential problem? There was a lack of suggestion compared with issues

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