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digital media pros and cons
pros -inexpensive, quick, targeted to niche markets, measurable -audio and video for endangerment -flexible  cons -just beginning -still reluctant of internet purchasing -so many web sites 
customer relationship marketing
a management concept that organizes a business according to the needs of the consumer 
what are some advantages for a business using CRM?
more effective cross selling  higher custom retention, profitability, response to campaign, and more effective investments. 
online advertising messages that are usually unsolicited by the recipient 
a form of permission marketing gin which online customers are sent messages only after they have established a relationship with a company. 
procedures that recipients use to notify advertisers that they no longer wish to receive advert messages. 
a generic designation that refers to companies engaged in some type of online commerce
what are the four ways marketers can uses commercial web sites?
1. source of direct sale 2. source of advert-supported communication 3.  source of marketing and promotion information  4. as builders of consumer engagement
What are the pros of direct response?
1. can reach virtually anyone 2. measurable medium with opportunities in short term sales related responses 3. can personalize message and build ongoing relationship
Cons of direct response?
1. high cost per contact  2. prospect list must be updated constantly 3. privacy issues 
what are three possible objectives of direct response?
1. direct orders ( all the info and paperwork for transaction) 2. lead generation ( additional info) 3. traffic generation ( provides detailed info and no order form)
features of dr?
1. measurable 2. personal 3. direct response is targeted communication
long form tv advertising that promotes products within the context of a program-length commercial 
Direct response tv advantages?
1. shows the product in use and provides demonstration 2. creates exicitment of a product 3. offers immediate response 4.  less expensive production cost 5. complements retail sales 6. great tech for testing various product benefits and measuring sales response 
per inquiry (pi)
advert time or space for which medium is paid on a per response received basis 
what are the keys to moving a person from a prospect to a buyer in catalog?
1. the right product 2. exiting creative execution 3. reach a targeted group of prospects 4. fulfillment and customer service 5. the process of successful selling doesn't end with a single purchase 
list brokers
in direct mail advert, an agent who rents the prospect lists of one advert to another advet. the broker receives commission from the seller for this service 
list manager
promotes client's list to potential renters and buyers
service bureaus
improves list quality by many steps including merge/purge
used to elimate duplication by dr advert who use different mailing lists for same mailing 
a firm that not only addresses the mailing envelope but also a mechanically equipped to insert material, seal and stamp envelopes, and deliver them to the post office according to mailing requirements. 
what are some other direct mail tech.
package inserts, ride along ( direct mail pieces that are sent with other mailings, such as bills), statement stuffers, ticket jacket, cooperative mail advertising
what is the planning process for building strong brand equity?
1. brand equity audit 2. strategic options and recommended plan 3. brand equity probe 4. creative brief
what is the first step in developing a campaign?
situation analysis 
situation analysis ask what ?s
where are we today how did we get here where are we going in the future?
a media plans have three primary ares
strategy, tactics, and scheduling
what are the four obstacles facing us marketers seeking global sales?
explatation corrupting influence gross insensitivity and arrogance hyper consumerism
a hybrid term meaning to adapt global marketing efforts to local markets and cultured
What are the basic means of market entry?
1. export goods to independent wholesalers and retailers in host countries 2. begin joint venturing 3. establish totally owned enterprises
global marketing
term that denotes the use of advert and marketing strategies on an international basis
European union
the developing economic integration of Europe. a single market of some 500 million consumers in 2010
north american free trade agreement
a treaty designed to eliminate trade barriers among the u.s mexico and canada
what three things need to be considered in international marketing?
management, advert. excecution, sensitivity 
what are the three common problems encountered by multinational firms?
language differences  media research and usage cultural considerations
marketing translation
the process of adapting a general marketing plan to multinational environments 
what are the three problems in global media planning?
1. media avail. and usage level 2. legal prohibitions  3, lack of reliable audience research 
three diversity trends influencing marketing
1. race is more difficult to determine 2. majority-minority transition 3. citizens of the world
what is the largest medium in terms of vehicles in ethnic oriented media outlets?
what are five findings of the Hispanic population?
1. love to shop 2. more influenced by ads 3. more likely to pay in cash 4. more likely to download music 5. retro acculturation 
what are the three eras of advertising?
1, era of exaggerate claims 2. era of public awareness 3. era of social responsibility  
economic argument in favor of advert
1. provides information to consumers 2. supports largely unrestricted media and gives jobs 3. permits companies to achieve economies of scale in production that offsets the per unit cost, and competition results in lower prices  4. increases in the economy by increasing generic and bra…
economic arguments against advertising
1. intent is to persuade, not to inform 2. advert spending is largely wasted  3. instead of lowering prices, it makes price comparisons less important in purchasing decisions 4. makes it difficult for new products to enter the market 
two major types of cultural effects of advert on the audience
1. advertsing's inadvertent social role: setting social agenda 2. advert's overt social role: campaign's goal is to change social agenda
what are social criticism of advert?
privacy concerns, product placement, and advert's role in obesity
When advert is socially criticized it is typically in what four areas?
1. advert content ( most criticized)  2. advert of certain product categories ( cigarettes) 3. excess advert 4. advert's unwanted influences on society  
advertising council
most organized effort of social advocacy  began in wwII
issue advocacy advertising
used to influence public opinion and legislation  mostly negative 
cause related marketing
provides in initiative such as american express fixing the statue of liberty  can be the decision making between two similar products  another source of product differ nation 
strategic philanthropy
corp market their good deeds in the same way they market their products
transactional programs
companies contributes to a cause based on consumer purchase of a brand. 
message promotions
link a brand with information about some cause 
licensing programs
permit companies to use charities' logos in their advertising. 
why was advert chosen to provide the most finical support in media?
spread out over a lot of advertising so there is not direct influence on the editor 
what are some examples of the relationship between advertisers and media?
1. withholding advertising as an attempt to control editorial decisions 2. advertisers financed production 3. product placement  4. the advertorial  
the use of advertising to promote an idea rather than a product or service 
market failure
when untrue or misleading advert is disseminationed and the consumer and advert relationship is violated 
What are the three basic constraints on advert?
1. laws and regulations of legally constituted bodies such as fcc or congress 2. control by the media through advert acceptable guidelines 3. self regulation by advert. and agencies using codes of contacts 
caveat emptor
Latin for let the buyer beware, represent there should be no government regulation 
the federal trade commission
1914: made in response to public and congress concern over large firms driving out smaller competitors in a number of industries  could only protect local retailers from unfair pricing practices by large chains until  1922: false advertising was ruled unfair trade practice  
wheeler leah amendments
broadened the scope of the ftc to include consumer advert. 
advert must be able to prove the claims made in their advert
FTC uses three part test to determine if an advert has been untruthful
1. there must be a representation, omission, or practice that is likely to mislead the consumer 2. the act or practice must be considered from the perspective of a consumer who is acting reasonably.  3, the representation, omission, or practice must be material 
process of ftc intervention of deceptive advert
1. there is a claim 2. ftc begins investigation with a request for substatiotion 3. complaint is issued if found deceptive ( consent decree) 4. if they refuse to sign consent decree then ftc issues cease and desist order 5. FTC can also make them do corrective advertisements 6. if th…
consent decree
an advertisers signs the decree stops the practice under investigation, but admits no guilt
cease and desist orders
if an advert refuses to sign a consent decree, the ftc may this that would give a 10000 per day fine
corrective advert
to counteract the past residual effect of previous deceptive advertising. 
ftc is responsible for enforcement and education in three areas
1. federal laws passed by congress
advert's opinion of a product that is considered a legitimate expression of biased opinion 
robinson patman act
the federal law requires a manufacturer to give proportionate discounts and advert allowances to all competing dealers in the market. to protect smaller merchants from unfair competition of larger buyers
slotting fee
payments to retailers by manufactures to gain shelf space
federal sherman antitrust acts
was designed to prevent alliances of firms conceived to restrict competition (1890)
clayton anti trust act
amended the sherman act eliminated to preferential price treatment when manufacturers sold merchandise to retailers.  1914
robinson patman act
1936 amended the clayton act prevent manufacturers from providing a promotional allowance to one retailer unless it is also offered to competitors on a proportional equal basis.  combated under the table rebates
food and drugs act
1906 in response to unsanitary meat prohibits interstate commerce in misbranded and adulterate food drinks and drugs 
federal food drug and cosmetic act
1938 established the FDA which gave it the responsibility  -requiring new drugs to shown safe -providing that safe tolerance be set for poisonous substances -authorizing standards for food and food containers -authorizing factory inspections
first amendment and advertising
1914-if public issue is expressed that is protected because it did not contain commercial speech  1976-society benefits from a free flow of commercial information just as it benefits from free exchange of political ideas  1979: f.a protection is not absolute and regulation of commercial…
central hudson gas and electric vs. public service commission of ny
1980 set guidelines for constitutional protection on commercial speech made a 4 part test to determine when commercial speech is protected and when regulation is permitted 
central hudson four part test
1. is the commercial expression eligible for first amendment protection? 2. is the government interest asserted in regulating the expression substantial? 3. if the first two test are met, the court then considers if the regulation of advertising imposed advance the cause of the governme…
CAN SPAM Act of 2003
established requirements for those who send commercial email, spells out penalties for spammers, and gives consumers the right to ask emailers to stop spam  DOJ can enforce the criminal aspects  provison of the act: false or misleading header information is banned deceptive subjective …
5 direct response marketing
tv and direct response shopping network catalogs radio and direct response  magazine and direct repsonse
national association of attorneys general
help regulate on a local level 1. internet and telecom polices 2. moving company policies 3. predatory lending concerns  4. auto and tire safety 5. telemarketing fraud 
comparison advert
most controversial areas of advert j. sterling getchell fist person to use it  ftc fosters it
three problems in comparison advert
1. runs the risk of promoting competition  2. may appear unfair to consumers that can ruin brand rep 3. may provoke law suits
advertising clearance process
the internal process of clearing ads for publication and broadcast, conduction primarily by ad agencies and clients 
toy guidelines
1. must present toys realistically and literally 2. animation is limited to 10 seconds per spot 3. must disclose if parts or batteries are sold separately
better business bureaus
best known organization to fight for honest advert.  does not have the forces of law wrote basic principles major influence because they are able to exert both the force of public opinion and peer pressure to set up voluntary efforts 
national advertising review council
1971 in response to different consumer pushing for more government regulations  objective was to sustain high standards of truth and accuracy through voluntary regulation 
national advert division
the primary investigative unit of the narc self regulation program staffed with full time lawyers provide most challanges: product testing, consumer perception studies, taste claims, pricing, testimonial evidence, demonstrations can not order an advert to stop an ad or impose a fine or…
children's advert review unit
the caru functions to review complaints about advertising to children focuses on food and internet adv. 
the children's food and beverage advert initiative
launched by cbbb to provide transparent and accountability self regulatory guidelines for companies that advert food and beverages to children.  -reduce the use of third party licensed characters -not pay for product placement targeting 12 and under kids -change interactive games.  - …
immersive media
enlivenment ( real or virtual)  social tie in and engagement  not delivering information but instead interactivity 
many separate ads but need continuity  
·         The belief that humans have innate drives and urges can be conditioned to certain stimuli ·         Symbols (ads) are universal stimuli ·         Thus from this advert is powerful ·         Needs, urges, and instincts we cannot control -          Food water, shelter et…
classical conditioning
·         Modification of involuntary reflex behavior -          Experiments pavlor with dogs Behaviorist view of advertisers’ role: overt, create stimuli ( ads) to condition responses that benefit the product/ service, subliminal * symbolism, powerful  
theory of representation
A.      Rationalism: needs and wishes individual, known, and controllable -          Rationalist view of advertisers’ role: deliver dependable -          Advertising is not powerful
cultural ism
·         born into and taught general ways of understanding the world -          Taken for granted seems common sense -          Assumed to be “natural” -          “pressure: negative or positive 
culturist view of advert's role
- Use existing pressures in the benefit of the campaign - E.g., an existing and compelling story or situation  
representation of culturism
significance not symbolism or denotative -          Meaning not in the message, but through associations ( textual and social) -          We learn and internalize the meaning of particular -          Seen natural, obvious, beyond question -pressure, siginication,  
Normative in advert principles
 guidelines or ideal -          How things are supposed to operate -          Systematic, consistent
historical in advert principles
·         the real world -          How things actually happen -          Irrationally, unpredictable
what good are principles?
-          Justification for practice -          Tools to generate options -          Ammo for arguing your case -          Difference from principles, not description  
moral muteness
a.       I’m just providing a service to by clients. But on a personal level I sometimes find what they want to do very offensive. 
a.       If I want to stay in business I need to give my clients what they want -          Clients are always right 
• Deception
- Legal realm - Demonstrable, provable lies
- Ethical realm - Pressures
Benefits to colonizer
·         Greater wealth o   Cheap raw materials and labor o   Greater profits ·         Political power ·         Gain military footholds
control over economics
· Colonialism
o   Absorb economically and politically o   1914 : 85% of earth’s land surface is colonies
· Pre-colony
o   Home-based production o   Extended family o   Village o   Barter economy
post colony
o   Industry-based production o   Single adult; nuclear family o   Region/nation o   Wage work
· Freedom = Rationalism
o   People act in a rational self-interest o   Good ads at-most persuade; do not cause o   Advertising is not powerful o   No need for curtailing freedom
· Appropriateness = Culturalism
o   Live in a sea of learned, often take-for-granted associations o   Ads use and remake deep associations o   Advertising can potentially be powerful o   Need to balance freedom and responsibility Appropriateness focuses on advertising being appropriate based on local and cultural st…

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