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Course Syllabus Course Title: Introduction to Sociology 101Course Section: # 17711Semester: Spring 2012 Credit Hours: 3 semester hoursClass Location: Surprise CommuniversityClass Times: Monday and Wednesday / 8:00am – 10:40am / January 18 – March 7, 2012Course Description: Fundamental concepts of social organization, culture, socialization, social institutions and social change. Instructor: Laura Lynn Bruzan E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours: By appointmentRequired Textbook: Sociology / Thirteenth Edition / John J. Macionis / Prentice Hall ISBN 978-0-205-78616-9 Course Objectives This course will focus on the definition of sociology as it explores the impacts of social organization, culture, socialization and social change in modern society. This course reviews the theoretical perspectives used by sociologists. Students will be able to describe the impacts of race, ethnicity, gender/sex, and age on social inequality. The purpose of this course is for the student to develop an understanding and appreciation for the ways in which sociology may be used to define life and the world around them. Instructional FormatA variety of adult learning techniques may be utilized including lecture, small group discussion, video usage, guest speakers, student presentations and / or field trip experience. Class participation is built into the course format. AttendanceAttendance is mandatory as tests and networking groups may include topics from class discussion as well as course materials. Classes will begin on time and attendance will be taken. Perfect attendance will be rewarded by having 10 (ten) bonus points added to the final course score. Official Absences: Official absences are those which occur when students are involved in an official activity of the college (e.g., field trip, tournaments, events) or other absence identified in MCCCD policy (e.g., funeral, subpoena, military, or other) and present an official absence excuse form. Absences for such events shall not count against the number of absences allowed by an instructor or department. Students who must miss a class for an official reason must obtain an official absence verification card from the appropriate dean and present it to the instructor before the absence. Prior arrangements must be made with the instructor regarding make-up work. Unofficial Absences: If arrangements have not been made by the student prior to the start of class, the absence will be recorded against the student’s attendance. The instructor reserves the right to withdraw the student from the course after one unofficial absence. It is critical that your attendance remains in good standing.SOC 101 # 17711 Page 1 of 9Withdrawal: Students may withdraw from the course up to and including the last drop day. Initiation of withdrawal is the responsibility of the student. Students who stop attending, without withdrawal, will receive a final grade based upon their points earned.Religious Holidays: Students shall have the right to observe major religious holidays without penalty. Absences for such holidays shall not count against the number of absences allowed by the instructor. At least one week before the holiday, students shall submit to their instructor a written statement which includes both the date of the holiday and the reason why class attendance is not possible.Late AssignmentsPoints will be deducted from the assignments, quizzes, and / or exams if turned in later than the end of class on the scheduled due date. An excused absence does not give students permission to turn in late assignments. Rather, the assignment is due prior to the class on the scheduled due date. DisabilityIf you have a disability that may have some impact on your work in this class and for which you may require accommodations, you need to notify Disability Services at 623-845-3080. Class Expectations•The student is responsible for all course material. In addition to the assigned textbook and supplemental resource materials, the student is also responsible for any topics, discussions, presentations, etc., covered during class. •It is mandatory that students be present. The instructor will not give a make-up test without a valid explanation for not being able to take the test during the scheduled time. The student may be asked to provide proof / record of absence (i.e. doctor’s note).•If a medical, professional, occupational or personal emergency causes you to miss a class (excused or unexcused), it is the student’s responsibility to get the notes from a classmate and confirm any assignments made during class. Students should also consult the class syllabus for course content of chapters due for discussion.•Students are expected to arrive prepared for class, including having read the textbook materials prior to class in order to participate in engaging discussions.•Classroom behavior will be positive, respectful, inclusive and participative. Refer to the Student Code of Conduct.•Unless for emergency purposes, please “disconnect” from any electronic devices that would be disruptive to the learning environment (i.e. cell phones, e-mails, laptops, etc) unless advised by the instructor.•Please request permission from the instructor prior to audio or video-taping the class discussion.•Cheating / plagiarism will not be tolerated; please refer to the section on Academic Misconduct in the Student Handbook.ExaminationsThere will be 6 (six) exams scheduled during the course covering specified chapters and any additional resources (video, discussions, etc.). Exams are composed of multiple choice, completions, matching, true/false, and multiple choice essay questions. Please plan accordingly as there will be NO ALTERNATE DATES FOR THE EXAMS. Exam results will usually be available during the next scheduled class meeting following the exam. Chapter quizzes may be given (not for grade); these quizzes may be kept for use as a partial study guide for the final exam. GCC – SOC 101 Syllabus — Course Section # 17711SOC 101 # 17711 Page 2 of 9 1/16/12PresentationsPresentationsStudents will prepare and deliver a five minute presentation describing three sociological topics covered in the textbook. Students may choose their three topics and summarize what they have learned by describing how the topics describe their personal life. Students will include at least one citation from a resource from

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