UNT PSYC 3530 - The legal system (4 pages)

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The legal system

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The legal system


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PSYC 3530 1st Edition Lecture 2 Chapter 2 I The Legal System Issues Structure and Players The Adversarial System I Used in the U S II Exhibits evidence and witnesses are assembled by representatives e g attorneys of each side to convince the fact finder that their side s viewpoint is the truthful one III In a jury trial choosing what evidence to present is decided by those involved in the litigation and their attorneys judges rarely call witnesses or introduce evidence IV Contrasts with the inquisitional approach a Used in Europe but not in Great Britain b Judge has more control over proceedings e g judge questions witnesses and presents evidence c The two sides do not have separate witnesses i The witnesses testify for the court and the opposing parties are not allowed to prepare the witnesses before the trial V No system is perfect a You have to look at the pros cons of each VI Criticism a A competitive atmosphere that can distort the truth i Where does the truth come out ii If you are so focused on winning are you that focused on telling all the truth VII Benefits a Adversarial systems have been shown to lead to less biased decisions that were more likely to be seen as fair by the parties in dispute b Participants have plenty of opportunities to present their version of the facts so that they feel they have been treated fairly i Being able to plead your case is a big thing 1 You can present your side fully and this is seen as more fair even if it doesn t go your way Legality versus Morality These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute I Laws are designed to specify precisely what conduct is illegal often referred to as black letter law But do these laws always correspond to people s sense of right and wrong a For example the topic of euthanasia highlights the inconsistency between legality and many people s perceptions of what is moral ethical and just II

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