UNT PSYC 3530 - The Importance of Laws (5 pages)

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The Importance of Laws

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The Importance of Laws


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Psyc 3530 - Psy of Offender

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PSYC 3530 1st Edition Lecture 1 Chapter 1 I Psychology and the Law The Importance of Laws I Laws are Human Creations a Not a part of nature b Evolved out of needs for order and consistency c Can change II Laws Help Resolve Conflict and Protect the Public a A mechanism to resolve disagreements b Manage conflicts that cannot be prevented c Prevent vigilantism III The Changing of Laws a As out experiences change laws must be developed interpreted reinterpreted and modified to keep up b Advances in neuroscience DNA and technology are areas where the law has had to evolve Who studies the law I Anthropologists a Compare laws in different societies and relate them to other characteristics of these societies II Sociologists a Usually study a specific society and examine its institutions to determine their role in developing adherence to the law III Psychologists a Emphasizes its human determinants b Focus is on the individual as the unit of analysis c Individuals are seen as responsible for their own conduct d Individuals in the criminal justice system influence how the system works and are in turn influenced by the system Basic Choices in the Psychological Study of the Law The First Choice Rights of Individuals versus the Common Good These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute I Values in Conflict a The law functions to protect individual rights b The law functions to protect society II Two Models of the Criminal Justice System a Due process primary value is on the protection of citizens including criminal suspects i 10 go free so that 1 innocent person can t suffer b Crime control emphasizes the containment of criminal activity The Second Choice Equality versus Discretion I The principle of Equality a All people who commit the same crime or misdeed should receive the same consequences b Profiling viewing certain characteristics as indicators of criminal behavior c

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