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AQUATIC FACILITY OPERATOR EXAM 2024 WITH 100 ACCURATE SOLUTIONS What is NOT one of the AFO s primary responsibilities ANSWER Teaching Lessons What should you do every day as a part of your AFO safety duty program ANSWER Facility Inspection How many gallons of water is in one cubic ft ANSWER approximately 7 5 How do you calculate how many gallons are in a pool ANSWER 1 calculate the volume LxW xDavg 2 multiple by 7 5 gallons Law of Dilution ANSWER During a turnover less than half of the water molecules pass through the filter What kind of pools need a higher turnover ANSWER Special pools When do gutters NOT work ANSWER when flooded What do surge pits need ANSWER room to contain surge flow What do modulating float valves regulate ANSWER the amount of water contributed by the bottom outlet by slowly restricting the bottom drain valve as the water level in the surge pit rises What are the two types of pumps ANSWER Self Priming and Flooded Suction Centrifugal 4 inches ANSWER 400 gpm What does eliminating dead spots mean ANSWER Heated and treated water is equally distributed in the pool Horizontal High Rate Sand Filter ANSWER increases surface area When do you backwash ANSWER When the pressure differential indicates it is needed When do you body feeding DE ANSWER during the filter cycle What is oxidation ANSWER a chemical process that destroys organic compounds in the pool water What is disinfection ANSWER the chemical process that kills or deactivates pathogens What does oxidation do ANSWER destroys organics What does sanitation do ANSWER destroys bacteria What does poor oxidation result in ANSWER cloudy turbid water What is the desirable chlorine compound ANSWER HOCl Why is HOCl the desirable chlorine compound ANSWER because it oxidizes AND sanitizes When is HOCl produced ANSWER Upon gas chlorine sodium hypochlorite bleach or calcium hypochlorite being added to water pH of soda ash ANSWER dissolved in water pH 13 Safety considerations for chemical handling require what ANSWER eye wash station When are chloramines formed ANSWER under a heavy organic load with low chlorine levels often with limited air movement How do you get rid of chloramines ANSWER you super chlorinate How do you obtain combined chlorine ANSWER TC FC combined chlorine How do you calculate breakpoint calculation ANSWER multiply CC by 10 What should you always do when handling chemicals ANSWER wear protective equipment For CSI what does negative positive mean ANSWER Negative aggressive Positive scaling What is the most influential variable in the CSI ANSWER pH What is the maximum spa temperature and for how long ANSWER 104 degrees for 15 minutes What is total Alkalinity ANSWER this is an index of the water s resistance to pH change What is the best recommendation for CH levels in pools ANSWER 300 600ppm Why are pool heaters prone to scale ANSWER because calcium carbonate is more likely to form on elevated temperatures with automation why are large feed system important ANSWER In order to meet set points quickly What is the most important factor related to pool water chemistry ANSWER pH What should you automate if you can only afford to automate one ANSWER pH What do typical chemical controllers measure ANSWER ORP and pH What do chemical controllers NOT replace ANSWER pool operator What is oxidation reduction potential ORP ANSWER qualitative measure of chlorine s work value how well it s working What is the standard minimum ORP for virtually instantaneous pathogen deactivation ANSWER 650mV What can an acid demand test tell you ANSWER used to determine how much muriatic acid must be added to high pH water to reach a desired value In a DPD test what does a flash of pink and then clear tell you ANSWER Cl2 residual is very high Acid wash is what ANSWER damaging last resort Water cloudiness can be due to what ANSWER precipitation of calcium What are polymers ANSWER liquid filter acids What do enzymes do ANSWER digest body fluids and oily polymers

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