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Case 4 Eric Eric is a 45 year old married Jewish and father of a teenage son He works at a large printing firm where he has successfully moved up the ranks in a short period of time He attributes his success in business to his attention to detail and his perfectionism He is worried that his quick success may have a quick downfall which has been the pattern at other firms Although he is successful he also struggles with terrible thoughts I cannot control These images are so distressing that he believes he will create a mass casualty During the intake Eric tells you that for many years he has felt compelled to perform very specific stereotyped rituals dozens of times each day For example any time Eric eats he must tap his fork on the side of his plate five times before he takes a bite As another example when he gets undressed each evening Eric must place his shoes exactly one inch apart other and precisely parallel to the wall near his bed Eric feels that by doing such behaviors he is preventing terrible things from happening In recent months his family has tried to be patient but on numerous occasions his behaviors have gotten in the way of their lives such as the time that he felt compelled to insert the key into the lock of their home just right which required dozens of attempts and a delay of about 10 minutes while his family waited in the rain Eric is also concerned about his appearance and spends most mornings in front of the mirror inspecting his body He claims if I don t do this I am worried my parents will get into a car accident Answer the following questions in the text box below What disorders are you considering for Eric OCD Harm Perfectionism Checking Compulsion Repeating and Mental Compulsion Body Dysmorphic Disorder Which disorder is the most fitting diagnosis for Eric Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is the most fitting diagnosis for Eric because he is a perfectionist and has fear of failing or making mistakes He is constantly worried that he can cause harm and can not control his negative thoughts He is not happy with his appearance and is constantly checking it out What is one cultural factor that may be influencing Eric s presentation diagnosis His perfectionism is causing him to pay attention to details and be careful to not make mistakes He is constantly worried about his looks and special details to be able to move up in his job and not have a downfall He is also very concerned about safety and not harming people

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WVC PSYCH 001 - Case #4: Eric

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