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Case 3 Walter White Walter White is a 36 year old Caucasian male unemployed who lives at home with his mom and dad This client shows up to your clinic with his hair disheveled and wearing noticeably large sweatpants and a sweatshirt The client requested Saturday appointments as there will be less people there When you first greet him he has his hood over his head and appears to have flat affect and moves slowly As you begin discussing why the client is there he reports I have no motivation it s difficult to get out of bed yet alone leave the house Client reports feelings of sadness and hopelessness and reports How many 36 year olds still live at home with their parents Client reports he has difficulty focusing and feels tired most of the day Client reports he takes Seroquel to help his insomnia During your conversation the client reports he has been taking Seroquel for the last 15 years after a manic episode where the client flew to Las Vegas for a week The client reports he doesn t work because most jobs involve talking to other people He adds I get extreme anxiety and am afraid people are going to notice I am anxious and I m afraid of having another panic attack in public Client reported a history of panic attacks and was prescribed Xanax which clients reports I abused benzos for years Client also reported a history of methamphetamine use alcohol use marijuana use and shot up heroin once Answer the following questions in the text box below 1 What disorders are you considering for Walter White Bipolar disorder Depressive episode Bipolar Spectrum Disorder Social Anxiety disorder 2 Which disorder is the most fitting diagnosis for Walter White Walter has Bipolar Spectrum disorder because he has social anxiety disorder and is depressed most of the time and has no interest in activities He has insomnia and lack of energy to do his daily activities and he lacks self worthiness He lacks motivation and avoids interacting with people He had panic attacks due to social anxiety disorders and He is completely dependent on drugs and substance abuse 3 What is one cultural factor that may be influencing Walter White s presentation diagnosis The fact that he is still leaving with the parents at the age of 36 and not holding a job because it involves interacting with other people He also is trying to avoid people so they won t notice his anxiety and dependence on drugs and even drug abuse

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WVC PSYCH 001 - Case #3: Walter White

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