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Design Presented by Abigail Atiwag Design is a broad and multidisciplinary field that encompasses various aspects of creativity problem solving aesthetics functionality and innovation Here are some topics related to design that you might find interesting Graphic Design Principles of graphic design Typography color theory layout design visual hierarchy balance contrast and alignment Graphic design software Adobe Creative Suite Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Canva Sketch Figma and graphic design tools Logo design Logo creation process brand identity design logo symbolism and logo design trends Print design Editorial design poster design brochure design packaging design and print production processes Web Design and User Experience UX Design Web design principles Responsive design user interface UI design navigation design wireframing prototyping and usability testing UX design process User research user personas information architecture interaction design user testing and user centered design UCD Web Design and User Experience UX Design Front end development HTML CSS JavaScript responsive frameworks e g Bootstrap and front end development tools Product Design Industrial design Product design process concept development sketching 3D modeling e g CAD software prototyping and design for manufacturing User centered product design Human factors ergonomics user testing product usability and user feedback analysis Product Design Sustainable design Eco friendly product design materials selection life cycle assessment LCA and circular design principles Fashion Design Fashion design process Fashion sketching fabric selection garment construction techniques pattern making and fashion portfolio development Fashion trends Trend forecasting seasonal trends fashion industry cycles and fashion design influences Sustainable fashion Ethical fashion practices sustainable materials eco friendly production methods and slow fashion movement Interior Design Interior design principles Space planning color schemes lighting design furniture selection textiles and interior design styles Residential design Home interior design room layouts kitchen design bathroom design and interior decorating Commercial design Office interiors retail space design hospitality design e g hotels restaurants and workspace ergonomics Architecture Architectural design process Conceptual design schematic design design development construction documents and architectural visualization Architectural styles Modern architecture traditional architecture contemporary architecture sustainable architecture and vernacular architecture Architecture Urban design Urban planning public spaces design landscape architecture sustainable urban development and smart cities Digital Design and Multimedia Motion graphics Animation techniques motion design principles video editing special effects and animated storytelling Digital art Digital painting digital illustration digital sculpting concept art and digital art software e g Procreate Corel Painter Digital Design and Multimedia Multimedia design Interactive design multimedia presentations digital storytelling virtual reality VR design and augmented reality AR design Experience Design XD and Service Design Experience design principles Customer journey mapping service blueprinting design thinking empathic design and designing for emotions Service design Service design process service prototyping service delivery optimization customer experience CX design and service innovation Design Thinking and Innovation Design thinking process Empathize define ideate prototype test EDICT model human centered design and iterative design process Innovation in design Design innovation strategies design led innovation disruptive design design sprints and design for innovation frameworks Design Education and Careers Design education Design schools design degree programs design workshops continuing education in design and design bootcamps Design careers Careers in design e g graphic designer web designer UX UI designer product designer fashion designer interior designer architect freelance design opportunities design entrepreneurship and design leadership roles These topics cover a wide range of areas within the field of design including graphic design web design UX design product design fashion design interior design architecture digital design multimedia design experience design service design design thinking innovation in design design education and design careers You can explore specific topics based on your interests career goals or desire to learn more about the diverse aspects of design and its impact on society THANK YOU

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SLU ART 210 - Design: Creativity, Functionality, and Aesthetics

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