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Art Presented by Abigail Atiwag Art Art is a vast and diverse field that encompasses various forms of creative expression aesthetics and cultural significance Here are some topics related to art that you might find interesting Art History Ancient art Prehistoric art Egyptian art Mesopotamian art Greek and Roman art and early Christian art Medieval art Byzantine art Romanesque art Gothic art illuminated manuscripts and medieval architecture Renaissance art Italian Renaissance Northern Renaissance Renaissance sculpture painting techniques e g fresco oil painting and Renaissance masters e g Leonardo da Vinci Michelangelo Raphael Baroque and Rococo art Baroque painting architecture sculpture Rococo style and artists such as Caravaggio Bernini and Watteau Modern and contemporary art Impressionism Post Impressionism Fauvism Cubism Surrealism Abstract Expressionism Pop Art Minimalism and contemporary art movements Art Movements and Styles Impressionism Characteristics of Impressionist art Impressionist painters e g Monet Renoir Degas plein air painting and capturing light and color Cubism Cubist art techniques geometric abstraction multiple perspectives Pablo Picasso Georges Braque and Analytical Cubism vs Synthetic Cubism Surrealism Surrealist imagery dream like compositions automatic drawing Salvador Dal Ren Magritte Andr Breton and the subconscious in art Abstract Expressionism Abstract art gestural painting color field painting Jackson Pollock Willem de Kooning Mark Rothko and action painting Pop Art Pop culture imagery consumerism mass media Andy Warhol Roy Lichtenstein Claes Oldenburg and the blurring of high and low art Artistic Techniques and Mediums Painting Oil painting acrylic painting watercolor painting encaustic painting tempera gouache and painting techniques e g impasto glazing alla prima Drawing Pencil drawing charcoal drawing ink drawing pastel drawing figure drawing and sketching techniques Printmaking Etching lithography woodcut linocut screen printing monotype and printmaking processes Sculpture Sculpting techniques e g carving modeling casting materials e g stone wood metal clay monumental sculpture and installation art Photography History of photography digital photography film photography photographic techniques composition and photographic genres e g portrait landscape documentary Art Criticism and Theory Art criticism Critical analysis of artworks art reviews art criticism methodologies and art critics e g Clement Greenberg Harold Rosenberg Aesthetics Philosophy of art theories of beauty aesthetics of perception formalism expressionism and the role of aesthetics in art appreciation Semiotics and visual culture Semiotics in art signs and symbols visual communication cultural meanings in art and analyzing visual texts Postmodernism in art Postmodern art theories deconstruction pastiche irony appropriation postmodern artists and postmodern aesthetics Art and Society Art and politics Political art propaganda art protest art social activism through art and the role of art in political movements Art and identity Cultural identity in art representation of gender race ethnicity and social identity in artworks Art and globalization Global art trends multiculturalism in art diaspora art transcultural exchanges and the impact of globalization on art production and consumption Public art Public sculptures murals street art environmental art site specific installations and community engagement through public art projects Art Museums and Institutions Art museums Major art museums worldwide museum collections exhibition curating museum education programs and museum management Galleries and art spaces Contemporary art galleries artist run spaces commercial galleries art fairs and the art market Art Museums and Institutions Arts organizations Nonprofit arts organizations art foundations artist residencies grants and funding for artists and supporting the arts community Digital Art and New Media Digital art Digital painting digital illustration computer generated art generative art digital animation and digital art tools e g Photoshop Illustrator New media art Interactive art net art video art virtual reality VR art augmented reality AR art and digital installations Digital Art and New Media Art and technology Technological innovations in art digital storytelling art in the digital age and the convergence of art and technology platforms Art Education and Careers in Art Art education Art schools art degree programs art history courses studio art programs art workshops and continuing education for artists Art careers Artist careers art professions e g painter sculptor illustrator graphic designer art teacher art therapy art conservation art administration and art entrepreneurship Art Education and Careers in Art Art exhibitions and events Art shows gallery exhibitions art festivals biennials art auctions and showcasing artworks in public venues These topics cover a wide range of areas within the field of art including art history art movements artistic techniques mediums art criticism art theory art and society art institutions digital art new media art art education and careers in art You can choose a specific topic or combine multiple topics based on your interests artistic practice academic focus or exploration of the art world THANK YOU

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SLU ART 210 - Art: Expressions of Creativity and Culture

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