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SLWK 201 Introduction to Social Work SPRING 2024 SLWK 201 Harris Hall Erica Jackson LCSW MSW Tues Thurs 8 00 am 9 15 am Instructor Erica Jackson MSW LCSW Email jacksonec vcu edu Office hours By appointment Office Phone 804 628 0100 NOTE Each student is required to read the syllabus and additional syllabus information in our Learning Management System Canvas in their entirety and be familiar with the policies procedures and course information contained therein Students are responsible for any information clarification or adjustments made during class on Canvas and via e mail Adjustments to this syllabus will be discussed in class or posted on Canvas It is the student s responsibility to ask questions to clarify any course material they do not understand The VCU School of Social Work stands against all acts of oppression while acknowledging the particular role of anti Black racism and white dominance within our communities To learn more about Our Commitment to Social and Racial Justice visit the website here You can also learn more about VCU School of Social Work racial justice initiatives here COURSE DESCRIPTION Semester course 3 lecture hours 3 credits Systematic overview of the social work profession Begins the process of professional socialization both through class content and required service experience Knowledge of the nature of social work the fields of social work practice target populations overview of social work methods INSTRUCTOR AVAILABILITY I am available to students outside the classroom for consultation by appointment and I encourage you to speak with me as soon as possible about any questions or concerns you may have regarding the syllabus course material or assignments E mail and or phone is my preferred 1 method of communication and I check my e mail multiple times daily Although I will do my best to respond quickly whenever possible please allow up to 24 business hours for an e mail response You may also call me at my office number listed above I expect students to demonstrate professionalism in email communication COMPETENCIES AND BEHAVIORS Upon completion of this course students will achieve a beginning level of skill in demonstrating the following competencies as evidenced by the related behaviors Course Competencies Exam Exam Exam 1 2 3 Voice Threads Interview Project Behavior 1 Competency 1 Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior 1 Make ethical decisions by applying the standards of the NASW Code of Ethics relevant laws and regulations models for ethical decision making ethical conduct of research and additional codes of ethics as appropriate to context Competency 1 Behavior 3 Demonstrate Ethical and Professional Behavior 3 Demonstrate professional demeanor in behavior appearance and oral written and electronic communication Competency 2 Engage Diversity and Difference in Practice 6 Apply and communicate understanding of the importance of diversity and difference in shaping life experiences in practice at the micro mezzo and macro levels Behavior 6 X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 2 Behavior 14 Competency 5 Engage in Policy Practice 14 Identify social policy at the local state and federal level that impacts well being service delivery and access to social services Competency 7 Assess Organizations and Communities 19 Collect and organize data and apply critical thinking to interpret information from clients and constituencies Behavior 19 Individuals Families Groups REQUIRED TEXT X X X X X X Segal E A Gerdes K E Steiner S 2019 An introduction to the profession of social work Becoming a change agent 6th ed Cengage Learning Our text can be found in a variety of different places I encourage you to look around to find one that is most affordable for you We will be using it every week COURSE FORMAT Our class sessions will consist of Instructor lectures Group work activities large and small group Informal discussions of the readings and other course material In class activities Guest presentations Video presentations a b c d e f EMAIL Canvas It is required that all students check their VCU e mail daily and use Canvas outside of class hours to participate in the class receive class announcements and other information including clarifications to assignments and answers to questions asked by other students It is the responsibility of the student to seek clarifying information posted on Canvas prior to requesting individual assistance via email All assignments will be submitted using Canvas so please familiarize yourself with this application prior to the due date of your first assignment Students who do not feel proficient in the use of Canvas please see modules in Canvas that outline and detail the use of Canvas X X 3 https virginiacommonwealth instructure com courses 75917 pages canvas canvas basics mod ule item id 2392607 CLASS PARTICIPATION INTERACTION AND ATTENDANCE The participatory nature of this course leads to my expectation that you attend every class session in its entirety In this way you assume responsibility for helping to create a mutual learning environment for all of us Your participation is further encouraged because social workers typically function in agencies in groups as team members and need to develop the ability to defend their perspectives and challenge those of others in a spirit of collaborative and respectful learning Participation includes arriving to each class on time being prepared to discuss assigned course material engaging in small and large group activities and discussions Each student s classroom comments should reflect sensitivity to the feelings of classmates be constructive in tone and adhere to the class s agreed upon Course Guiding Principles Additionally this class will review and collectively establish Guiding Principles for our interactions together this semester We will begin with the following and collectively determine if there are other principles that need to be included These will apply to all class discussion activities and out of class work As a class we would like for people to do their part sharing thoughts and engaging in conversations We will respect the confidentiality of classroom discussion about specific individuals groups communities or organizations that could be identified in any way This includes information that classroom colleagues share about themselves We will value and respect the identities experiences perspectives comments and questions of others We will remain open to feedback and build our

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