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Filipino in the Contemporary World GED0113 Sec 21 Subsection 1 SA2 Video Essay 9 May 2022 Young people s experience with globalization has been negative so far Globalization describes the increasing growth and connection of the world s economies along with culture and population through international trade in products and services technology investment people and information Kolb 2018 The impacts of globalization on youth have been immersed and diverse Globalization affects youth culturally historically technologically also demographically The youth have an ambiguous relationship with the developing world United Nations 2006 p 290 309 One might say that the impacts of globalization on youth are promising however youth s experience with globalization has not been all positive but also negative The negative effects are often ignored due to several opportunities it provided to them and their community including the economic growth of a community United Nations 2006 p 290 309 The rapidly globalizing world affects many aspects of their lives economically and culturally Youth are well informed about the new technologies and innovations they can explore the world by traveling the economic growth has also helped them improve their standards they re able to communicate across the globe and be connected with people whose culture is different from theirs Young people grow up and experience a world of globalization and inequality They participate in a development course wherein it synchronously brings people closer together and broadens the conflict between them United Nations 2006 p 290 309 For context poverty reduction is probably the most powerful force of globalization it has uplifted our education systems and welfare Unfortunately there still are countries across the globe mainly in parts of Western Asia Africa and some parts of the former Soviet Union with 2 billion people that do not benefit from globalization Globalization WPAY n d The current generation has all the technological advancements and information they can obtain from multiple sources Their communication is made easier and faster with their fellow youth around the world Globalization also introduces us to diverse foreign cultures like food movies music and art Globalization Benefits and Challenges 2020 For instance we can listen to any song on the internet in any language of course the most popular today are Korean or American pop songs On the dark side the creation of the digital self also puts a big wall between their fellow youth they have the tendency to create an ideal self through social media and pretend to be someone they re not in front of the computer screen to increase their social networking lead On Twitter they can use their own username pictures and even their country and nationality to attain their ideal self The results can be self satisfying although they might act out according to what their digital self is because that s the personality people love and completely ignore who they are and their identity The youth today have gained access to foreign cultures and are largely exposed to them Hybrid or mixed cultures are usually born although in countries with frail economies like the Philippines this exposure hasn t been addressed and it led to youth disassociating from their own roots and losing their cultural identity Our society has also failed to respect the unity in diversity Every day we see on the news or on the internet about discrimination toward people s culture appearance beliefs and traditions In the Philippines alone our diverse culture has divided Filipinos and unable to understand each other Where has the unity gone why are we indifferent towards our own countrymen Lastly the status of women in our society today Globalization should ve empowered women due to different cultures diverging but our society remained ignorant about the rampant sexism and violence against women Another thing is the Cancel Culture which is probably one of the worst ostracism the youth experience today It is unforgiving that It provides an impression that young people must be perfect and proper at all times In return they fear making mistakes and are unable to learn the way forward These instances make you think if the developing world is really going to make the lives of youth easier or if it only made it harder In terms of education globalization uplifted the quality and encourage states to produce globally competitive students In the country the use of the English language is another apparent effect of our culture Eldan 2021 Philippine education has adopted English as a medium of instruction for elementary and high schools in the country Corrales 2021 To reinforce it students were required to speak English on our school grounds to improve their proficiency The efforts have paid off with the recent EF English Proficiency Index 2017 out of 80 countries the Philippines bagged the 15th place Charters 2021 However in return it has undervalued our native languages Filipino youth often forget how rich and diverse our culture is We d rather choose English to communicate and write than using Filipino The Philippine government must reinforce the studies an awareness among the Filipino youth about how rich our culture is Multiculturalism in the country can be used as an advantage to further engage youth into integrating their own pride culture into the developing world Today s youth are intelligent and flexible in adapting to the opportunities and access that globalization has offered Globalization has a huge influence on Filipino culture and the way of life of the Filipino youth This is the main reason why youths have a huge role in globalization mainly being seeds that will continue globalization but we today must acknowledge its flaws and the adults must start listening to the youth in order to make a betterment in the future As old ones rest we a new batch of strong healthy young ones will rise to exchange them Like a new cog exchanging rusty ones in an old machine we will continue making it continue to run Technology must be used to our advantage into eradicating inequalities The youths are well educated and beaming with the potential to perfectly execute processes of globalization through it Certainly globalization has both positive and negative impacts The negative impacts can be reversed if we provide awareness and substantial support to the youth Their intelligence knowledge and capability to adapt can be used to

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