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Personal SWOT Analysis Strengths Planning Skills Writing Skills Attention to Detail Opportunities Work experience Authenticity The Environment of the Classroom Weaknesses Procrastination Gestures Vocal Fillers Threats Public Speaking Anxiety Peers that are excelling Connecting with my Audience My personal strengths are that I m a natural planner and my writing skills and attention to detail will help me to be prepared for any presentations that are assigned in class My personal weaknesses are my tendency to procrastinate as well as my frequent use of gestures and vocal fillers whenever I am talking My personal opportunities are the overall environment of the classroom my work experience in the communication field and my authenticity when I express myself Lastly my personal threats are my public speaking anxiety my ability to stay grounded whenever my peers are excelling and being able to connect with my audience especially if it is a hostile one Overall this SWOT analysis will help me with my future presentations in this course and others ones that I may take in the future

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Purdue COM 31400 - Personal SWOT Analysis

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