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How many different segments make up the spine SPINE Four Segments Cervical 7 Thorastic 12 Lumbar 5 Sacrum Coccyx fused Name the curves of the spine Lordotic Kyphotic Know the differences between the vertebrae Function and different parts of the intervertebral disks Nucleolus puposus Annulus fibrosus Separate the Vertebrae Absorb shock Resist compression No blood supply Main muscles in the back and supporting the spine Sternocleoidmastoid Traps lats internal external oblique rhomboid major minor erector spinae psoas minor major Quadratus lumborum Serratus posterior superior oblique The vertebral ligaments Anterior longitudinal ligament Supraspinosus ligament Intertransevers ligament What is the plumb line 4 types of abnormal posture Foward head posture Kyphosis shoulder forward curve in thoracic spine lordosis forward curve in lumbar spine scoliosis side to side curve Proper lifting technique Strengthening Core Rhomboid Upper trap Flexibility Maintain proper posture Prevent axial load back support Spondylolysis vs Spondylolisthesis Spondylolysis Stress fracture at para interarticularis Spondylolisthesis instability of vertebrae Cause symptoms and treatment of a herniated disc Nucleus pulposus pushes through the rings of the cartilage Sx numbness tingling pain into a leg low back pain sciatica weakness Tx active rest posture correction traction strengthen surrgery Describe piriformis syndrome and treatment for it Piriformis muscle becomes tight and places pressure on the Sciatic nerve Tx Stretching piriformis release hip muscle energy What is a possible cause for SI joint dysfunction signs and treatment Describe a stinger burner signs and treatment Fall collision tackle which stretches brachial plexus Sx burning tingling numbness pain decreased strength Tx rest strengthening Rom testing List the muscles that make up the rotator cuff Subscapularis infrapinatus teres minor supraspinatus SHOULDER Four main joints of the shoulder Glenohumeral joint AC joint SC joint Scapulothoracic joint Prevention techniques for shoulder injuries Strenghtne the smaller muscles balance the body proper technique protective padding modifying activity pitch count Common area for clavicle fracture Distal 3rd Dislocation vs Subluxation Dislocation head of humerus fully removed from glenoid Subluxation Head of humerous comes out of socket and goes back in MOI signs and treatment for dislocation subluxation MOI excessive abduction and external rotation Sx Dis pain limited Rom deformity sub felt a shift pop Tx reduction Stabilization ice x ray brace to prevent reoccurrence MOI signs and treatment for rotator cuff injuries Moi accute exessive motion Sx pain with abduction limited Rom Tx PRICES surgery strengthen flexibility MOI signs and treatment for impingement syndrome Moi repetitive overhead movments swimmers thrower tennis players Sx pain with overhead movements Tx modify activity strengthen posterior flexibility anterior Difference between bicep tendonitis and a tendon rupture Tendonitis irritation within bicipital groove Tendon rupture complete tear of bicep tendon Know the anatomy of thoracic outlet syndrome MOI signs and treatment Compression of brachial plexus subclavian artery and veins in neck shoulder MOI Scalene and pec muscle tightness repetitive overhead movement Sx dull achy pain tightness sensation Tx correct posture strengthen MOI signs and treatment for AC joint sprain Shoulder seperation MOI impact Sx pain wit movement space between acromion and clavicle Tx PRICES surgery immobilize Difference between SLAP tear Bankart lesion and Hill Sach s lesion Slap tear Injury at superior part of labrum Baseball Bankart lesion Injury to inferior andterior labrum Causesed by disclocation Hills Sach s Lesion Injury to anterior inferior labrum and damage to the posterior head Understand the severity of SC joint dislocation MOI signs and treatment Moi direct blow causing a anterior posterior dislocation press on trachea carotid artery or subclavian vein Sx pain over the sternum deformity difficulty breathing Tx ct scan physician ELBOW Name the muscles that cross the joint Tricep Bicep Wrist flexor Extensors Brachioradialis Three main ligaments that make up the elbow capsule Ulnar collateral medial Radial collateral lateral Olecrannon bursa Difference between supracondylar fracture and a radial head fracture Supracondylar fracture occurs above condyles common in children Radial head fracture head of radius bone occurs at head of radius more common MOI signs and treatment and reduction of an ulnar dislocation Dislocation of ulna bone from humerus Difference between tennis elbow and golfers elbow Tennis pain on outside of elbow Golfers Pain on inside Basic understanding of a Tommy John surgery MOI signs and treatment for UCL and RCL tears

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