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What makes this text different Unlike other utopian stories it is not named after the society the protagonist or a character story possible machines Wells wants us to focus on the fact that its the machine that makes the When the first automobile was sold in 1888 wells was inspired by Gets you place to place in a timely manner In the time machine he travels to a society that can only be reached using a machine In many translations of the text it says that he put the machine in reverse rather than saying he went back in time Puts emphasis on the gear shift of a car The industrial revolution Impacted what it meant to be human The way the speaker describes the time traveler gives everything agency except themself Personifying inanimate objects instead of just keeping them as passive objects But they never describe themself every other character has a name or a title but the speaker never describes themself The speaker is passive like a machine Posthumanism A combination of multiple heterogeneous identities The sense of superiority that comes from being able to control something like a machine is dreamt of The time traveler took the lever with him when he traveled so that no one else could control the machine There is so much focus on materials the time machine itself rather than the time Globalization traveler Why Because the materials give him agency The materials used to make the time machine are materials that are found all around the world Ivory Teeth combs piano keys hairdressing jewelry Brings up ethics Because by the end of the 1800s england had control of 75 of the world Held this by taking control of natural resources so the native people to each land don t have anything of their own to trade The territories were financially destabilized on their own The time traveler wants control of another country when he time travels Britain Colonization and climate change New technologies Steamships refrigeration more affordability Changing attitudes to nature Victorians say the effects of pollution and their acceleration of the Anthropocene an epoch that refer to humans significant impact on the anthropocene climate Brought on by the discovery of fossil fuels Challenging a prelapsarian state Pushing conservation and preservation efforts The new world Wells describes the new world as a lush and primitive landscape of the future Maybe due to hope that society is able to improve and undo all of the pollution caused by the industrial revolution The idea that people of the future would be happier with less Double edged sword Recognition of the anthropocene Without recognizable humans the climate heals Colonial adventure fiction No matter how messed up an urban city was there is always more resources Fuels the fantasy of lush gree infinitely abundant resource filled exotic lands Green orientalism Blame is always pushed on eastern countries Any climate change and resource depletion is the fault of eastern societies Even though britain controlled of the world Privileges the preservation of pristine wilderness over the concerns of the indigenous people inhabiting protected areas around the world Could blame businesses for producing and selling the product or could blame consumers for buying the product Somehow blamed women The threat of wearing animal commodities Assigning blame Ecofeminism nature A theoretical framework that examines the intersection between women and The shared oppression and exploitation of both parties Offers a political analysis to explore the connection between androcentrism and environmental destruction Take aways Nature and women are viewed as objects of domination and consumption To animalize a subject is to align them with nature The more nature becomes depleted the more the female body becomes invisible The more nature is harnessed as a resource the larger and more dominating the patriarchal technocratic and colonial body becomes Says that things like meat eating is only for men Wearing blush gave the impression that a women was vulnerable due to coughing and needed to be taken care of saved Green lush landscape A brave protagonist who can conquer A protagonist with a superiority complex to the indigenous A women damsel in distress to emphasize the hero s masculinity and Colonizing the Elois Adventure fiction Superiority complex prowess Combatted fears of degeneration theory Darwins theory of evolution That as time passes a species will regress Manipulated to seek domination over other humans and animals The boundaries between human and animal because radically unstable Wells darwin huxley lankester Called it zoological retrogression 19th century monstrosity The physically monstrous Julia Kristeva defines it as abject qualities between human and animal male and female civilized and savage The sphinx The morlocks A vague sense of something familiar The uncanny Demotes an eccentricity in behavior that is deemed morbid or socially The morally monstrous inacceptable Victorian labor laws Factory acts Child labor laws Working hours Marxism Marxs projections Argued there will eventually be a class revolt Working class over the aristocracy Proletariat overruling the bourgeoisie Pullman railroad strike Lamarckism The idea that parents of any species pass down ideals to their children

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