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Slavery Similarities It notes structures of confinement coercion and biopolitical control Easily resonates with internment camps These spaces oversee health reproduction family structure etc are Notes processes impossible to extricate from their legacies of racial controlled by a government party sexual and colonial subjugation Distinctions What other categories might the Terran occupy Refugees Who are the encroachers invaders Try to systematically kill the indigenous population upon arrival Disrupts colonial narratives Wants us to look at the structures of these systems and how they overlap with each other How else might we read bloodchild Animal studies A look at how our society is not just composed of humans Other species impact and shape our social cultural historical economic environmental and political climates Serves more than metaphors or placeholders Posthumanism Critiques the human as the apex of evolution and a natural emergence Offers a disruption of enlightenment legacies Strives to nuance dichotomies human animal A convergence and animal for heterogeneity Post anthropocentric Society is composed of an assemblage of beings Questions who what qualifies as human Postcolonialism Postcolonial literature reacts to the discourse of colonization Establish a political and cultural independence of people formerly subjugated to colonial rule Understand that there is no return to pre colonization Aims to decolonize the mind The practice of preparing or training someone for a particular purpose or Grooming activity Requires unbalanced power hierarchies How do these fields intersect Critically examine tools of oppression marginalization subjugation and colonization Aim to liberate subjects Does not dismantle and human animal dichotomy as much as it switches Why science fiction Allows us to witness the familiar Makes familiar and delicate issues more palatable Alien species are only foreign in form rolls Aliens are now faced with humans ethical dilemmas Humans now experience the sufferings of the animal The current human animal binary Based on Aristotelian biopolitics Bios The study of humans privileged Those in pursuit of the good life Those who use nature as a resource Zoe zoo Animal Bare life A part of or ontologically equal to nature Animals are no different than using lumbar or ore they are just a resource Immanuel Kant Builds off Aristotle Kantian ethics A part of nature To be used as a resource Animals are a means to an end Because they are not human therefore closer to nature and can be used in the pursuit of the good life Justifies using their existence for food medicine clothing labor Pets entertainment etc Dominance and Affection by Yi Fu Tuan When dominance is applied to affection we make the pet A critique on factory farms Broiler and layer chickens Selectively bred to grow large breast muscles Collapse under their weight Bred to lay an unusually exorbitant amount of eggs Die before they reach 6 7 weeks The history of zoos Karl Hagenbeck Created the modern day zoo because the public did not like seeing animals caged up in inhumane conditions The way animals are displayed makes it seem like they are living a cushier life than in their wild habitat The hiccups of zoo ethics There is no away from the preserve 18 Why should other species be put for show just because they are another species Breeding family structure environment and diet are all controlled How are borders created Ivory Elephants life cycle Ethics of a face and effacing Levinas Female elephants hake 14 years to reach maturity One calf 22 months of gestation Approx 6 calves per month per lifetime Hunting them became unsustainable An elephants lifetime cannot keep up with the demand for ivory Preservation borders did not follow migration patterns Capable of arresting your gazer and demanding a particular response or responsibility from them An appeal that says do not kill me Thou shall not kill is a testament only applied to humans Invertebrates in our society are currently killed without thought What if the roles were reversed and the invertebrates were the ones in power Ethical questions in bloodchild Can one have a face while under systems of domestication Can we in essence give livestock a face What might happen if we did Do they attribute the Terran with a face Why give animals a face Disrupt Kantian ethics The terran make the T lic human They bring them into modernity but they are not pets Are there conventional animals on this planet The achti Used strictly as a mean to an end Unsustainable The T lic are on the verge of extinction What is Butler s solution Introduce the terran Reframes domestication Reframing the human animal binary Bloodchild questions what attributes must be distributed to create a partnership Bios Zoe Agency autonomy rationality dominance predation sovereignty androcentric male etc Passive submissive inanimate unconscious prey illogical vulnerable feminine silent etc What do you need to establish a community Share a language Defining language always rests on exclusions How do we separate ourselves from other animals Arbitrary exclusions Speciesism The assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of other animals Symbiotic relationships An interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association typically to the advantage of both but NOT EQUALLY The lord is my shepherd dominance and affection Comes from an indigenous critique on how humans treat other animals Becoming partners Redefines domestication as a process of multilateral accommodations and proposals

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