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Homework 1 Write a paragraph about the Fermi Paradox The Fermi Paradox is a paradox that remarks the lack of alien species from the age and growth of the universe If we aren t alone in this world then a developed species will take roughly the same amount of time as us 4 6 billion years to have the capacity for space travel This is paradoxical because the universe is estimated to be roughly 13 7 billion years old so species and lifeforms have ample time to develop space travel and to explore Another theory is that we as a species are here before everyone else We are here We are just too early This paradox is very interesting to me because I never thought about it that way I didn t take into account the age of the world in comparison to the estimated universe Access the internet to determine the latest available figure of total global power consumption 2022 Energy consumption was 25 530 terawatt hours or TW https www statista com statistics 280704 world power consumption world watts I checked many websites this wattage is correct for the world The textbook has low wattages for 2018 18 4 TW while in 2018 the world is actually 23 536 TW Use Carl Sagan s formula to calculate our technological civilization s level on the Kardashev s cosmic scale 10 6 10 1 04071 1025 530 1012 6 10 W1016 W1026 W1036 Type I civilization needs Type II civilization needs Type III civilization needs On the Kardashev Scale identify the power needs in Watts for Type I II and III civilizations In how many years is our Earth expected to achieve a Type I status The earth will expect to achieve a Type I status in around 100 200 years according to the textbook 1

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UIUC NPRE 402 - Homework 1

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