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Homework 2 1 055 1018 Define the Quad unit of energy in terms of BTUs and Joules 1 quad equals A quad is a unit of energy that describes the national and world energy resources Joules or 293 billion kilowatt hours BTUs or Define the Terawatt unit of power A Terawatt is quads The equation for watts is Power watts Amps x Volts Watts or a trillion watts 1 terawatt is equivalent to 1015 1012 3 6 1015 Joules or 0 003412 Use the Sankey diagram to calculate the end use efficiencies of the following energy sectors 1 Residential 65 2 Commercial 65 3 4 Transportation 21 Industrial 49 101 2 100 8 44 a The primary energy supply 8 33 b Electrical energy generation 20 What is the percentage share of nuclear energy in Draw a diagram and list the components of the envisioned Internet of Things IoT for a future energy system 1

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UIUC NPRE 402 - Homework 2

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