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Mongol ReviewWeek 1Who was the ruler that united the nomadic tribes and ruled the largest empire in the world?Genghis KhanWhat was the purpose of the Great Wall of China?To protect China from invadersWhat areas did the Mongols conquer and rule?China, Russia, and IranGenghis Khan’s great horsemanship and leadership skills led to?The rise of the Mongol EmpireWhat did the Mongols use to hunt and chase their enemies?HorsesWhat was the effect of the extensive Mongol Empire on the people who lived in Europe andAsia?Increase in trade and travelWho protected the silk road, developed a tribute system, and ruled the largest empire?The MongolsWhat factor contributed to the success of the vast empire created by the Mongols?Employing superior military skillsWhat word describes a person who moves from place to place and doesn’t have a

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GCC HIS 112 - HIS112 Mongol Review

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