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Prompt: One historical debate that continues until this day is over the motivations of theCrusading Period. Historian Hans Eberhard Mayer argued that the crusades wereprimarily driven by religious factors, while historian Ronald Finucane argued instead thatsignificant political, economic and military factors were more important than religion inshaping the motivations of the crusading period.Which historical position do you agree with? Do you think the crusades were motivatedby religious factors or by economic, political and military factors? Why?I believe that the crusades were organized due to religious reasons. So yes I agree withHans Eberhard Mayer. I agree with him because I believe European Christians wanted tostop the expansion of Muslim states. I believe they wanted to regain their land in theMiddle East and their territories that used to be Christian before Muslims. I'm sureeconomic, political, and military factors came in as well but I think religion was the mainfactor. Much of the Christians' land and territory was conquered by Muslims includingsome of the super important areas such as Egypt and Syria. I strongly believe thatChristians just wanted to regain their "holy lands" and stop the spread of Muslim beliefsbefore they got too popular or out of hand and strengthen their belief in Christianity. Thatis why I agree more with Hans Eberhard

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