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Keegan WendlingProject 2Taziki’s Mediterranean CafeChapter 10:1.) Megan Gibson is a manager at Taziki’s restaurant in Auburn and as a head manager, thereare a lot of day to day decisions that have to be made. I feel that every organization willhave programmed and nonprogrammed decisions that will appear. Megan may havequick straightforward decisions that don’t take much thinking (programmed) such asmaking sure the employees are fulfilling their job duties. Examples could be making surethe soda machine has ice, making sure condiments/supplies are out for the customers, andthat the restaurant is kept a clean environment, etc. Nonprogrammed decisions that takemore unique, cognitive thinking, may come into play if there needs to be a new menumade or changing their online website. It takes creativity and rational planning to explorenew ideas for a menu or website.2.) Taziki utilizes a more individual decision-making style. Every employee has their ownjob and they’re responsible for what is under their job description. It allows faster resultsand better accountability, but there may be fewer ideas that are involved in thebrainstorming of decisions.3.) As a manager of an organization, I would reduce groupthink by including participationfrom all employees and accept the cons of group decisions making, so that every idea isheard. I would have a way to reward employees for vocalizing opinions so thatgood/helpful behaviors are being rewarded. I may even have a “devil's advocate” thatvoiced conflicting opinions/thoughts to respectfully challenge me as a manager.Chapter 11:4.) The most popular form of communication is verbal and written within Taziki’sorganization. There is verbal communication used in meetings when topics need to bediscussed in a timely manner. This allows them to have immediate feedback, conveyemotion and feelings, and allows there to be a specific time for any explanations that mayneed to be reiterated. Verbal communication is used the most since it is important to relayimportant information in a timely manner when running an organization. Writtencommunication is for a more permanent, factual message that needs to be delivered. Thiscould include emails stating when and where meetings will be held, dress code foremployees, policies and rules that everyone must abide by, etc.5.) Barriers that may occur and affect written communication may be emotional disconnect.If there is no personal vocalized interaction between the manager and employees, thatmay put a negative impact on their working relationship. Written communication cansometimes be misleading when you cannot see and be there with the sender of what theyare trying to convey. This could lead to workplace gossip or biased language among theentire faculty.6.) Noise can occur in organizations on the sender's (manager) end, affecting how they areable to transmit a message to the receiver (employees). Distance within the manager andemployees could be noise, it could affect verbal face to face communication thatinterferes with their relationships. There may be written communication such as emails ortechnological updates that may not be sent out to employees due to a family crisis,unexpected loss, or an illness of the manager.Chapter 12:7.) Working alone and within groups is an important skill to have when in any organization.Tazikis employees get a taste of both, however it takes a group to reach their commonpurpose and goals. Each employee has a specific job task such as cooking the food,waiting tables, bringing the food out to each table, checking customers out, etc. Those arespecific job tasks that are done individually, that each employee shares the same end goal.Working with groups may come to play when they are understaffed for example whencovid first hit. It took the employees to work together to accomplish tasks and maybe goout of their specific job description to keep the organization running.8.) When this organization is working in groups, it is a traditional approach of leadership.The manager serves as a leader and makes sure every employee has a role to effectivelyachieve common workplace goals. I feel that self-managed groups could potentially runinto issues such as conflicts with who is in charge and who to look to when there areissues within the organization.9.) Group cohesion is important in an organization because it allows the organization to staycommitted to one another and act as one. Taziki’s does a great job of keeping allemployees and managers committed to each other. Increasing cohesion within groupscould mean encouraging communication among the members whether to discuss issuesor highlight the positives within the groups or maintain a positive and healthy workenvironment. Interactions with the organization outside of work such as team lunches orgames may help build trust with one another to increase cohesion.10.) Social loafing can cause many issues and set back within an organization. Whenindividuals don’t fulfill their job duties and responsibilities, it could put the organizationat risk and cause conflicts. I am sure Tazikis has experienced employees that have falleninto social loafing because who hasn’t experienced that at least once in their life? Socialloafing can be discouraged if the groups are kept smaller. As groups continue to grow,there will be more people who put the work on other members of the group causing themnot to pull their weight. Making sure there are rules for engagement for every member isalso important to assure that every person is contributing. Having a respectful, opencommunication relationship with each member is healthy in terms of holding each personaccountable as well. A personal example of this would be high school group projects. Iwould be carrying the entire group on my back because they felt that doing the bareminimum or nothing at all was okay because I would pick up the slack at the end of theday.Chapter 13:11.) Diversity within the workplace can be very rewarding. It opens the floor tounderstanding others' backgrounds, hearing unique ideas, allows you to view things froma new perspective, etc. Taziki’s employees embrace diversity and understand howbeneficial it can be. They have created a culture with their HOPE project by working andhiring students/young adults with special needs. They do not view diversity as a negativething, perhaps as an opportunity to allow people of all race, sex, religion, etc. to be ableto work within their

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Auburn MNGT 3100 - Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe

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