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ASSIGNMENT 1 Freedom of speech is one of our fundamental rights as Americans, but it can be interpreted in many ways by the courts. To learn more about what freedom of speech consists of, search the internet or other source for a lawsuit involving “freedom of speech” as a part of the 1st amendment to the Constitution (either decided or pending). Write a comprehensive summary of the lawsuit using the format below. Do not copy/paste your article from another source. Read the information and then summarize it. Be sure to give details and background. It should include enough information so that I can understand what is happening in the lawsuit (a good rule of thumb is 300-400 words). If you cannot find enough information on that lawsuit, then choose a different case. Instructions: • You must have 2 sources and Wiki sites are not valid sources. • You can NOT use any of the cases in the textbook. • Do not use any case more than 10 years old • Format EXACTLY as follows using headings & numbered responses Your Name 1. Lawsuit: (somebody v. somebody) or other identifying name (10 points) 2. Summary: give a good, basic description of the circumstances (40 points) 3. Outcome: list the court ruling if there is any and why they ruled that way. If a decision has not been met, please state that. (20 points) 4. Legal Basis: Based on what you have learned in this course give at least 1 principle that has been discussed that the court used as a basis for their decision. (15 points) 5. Source: url, website or other source (you must have 2 sources, wiki is not a valid source) (15 points) Grading: • All assignments should be formatted using a numbered list. 15 points will be deducted if they are not labeled or formatted properly. • If you appear to have copy/pasted your information directly from an article or website rather than summarizing it in your own words, it will be considered plagiarism and will earn a grade of zero. This assignment will automatically be filtered through “turnitin” to check for plagiarism. See the course syllabus for more information about plagiarism. Late Work: Excuses such as technical difficulties, lost jump drive, no internet connection, computer issues, thinking it submitted, etc. are not acceptable excuses for late work. However, late work will be accepted with the following penalties: • Up to 1 day late = 20% penalty (20 points off) • 2nd day late = 30% penalty • 3rd day late = 40% penalty • 4th day late = 50% penalty - No assignments accepted more than 5 days late Submission & Trouble shooting: • Assignments are submitted through CANVAS using a PDF only. There are instructions in the “Course Resources” module on how to convert a file to PDF. • Trouble Uploading: If you have problems, email the assignment prior to the deadline, or turn in the assignment prior to class

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Auburn MNGT 3100 - ASSIGNMENT 1

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