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MID TERM REVIEW THEATER 2000Dr. Osborne. October 2012.Name two requirements for theatre. Audience and liveliness. Actors and text.What does gesamtkunstwerk mean? Complete or total artwork. Richard Wagner came up with this.What is the mimetic impulse? Inborn desire to imitate. From "poetics". Aerostatle.What is a theatrical convention? Rules that the audience gives.What is the NEA? National endowment for the arts.When did the Greek theatre officially begin? 534 bceWho began Greek theater ? ThespusGive an example of a roman para theatrical. Chariot races, beast wars, gladiators.What is catharsis? Emotional perging. They wanted to get rid of the fear and pity.Name the 3 famous Greek tragedians discussed in lecture. Aeschylus Sophocles and Euripides.Name one type of machinery used in Ancient Greek theatre. Day of seis majina. Ekkyklema mechane ekkyklema is considered the little red wagon of theatre.Who wrote lysistrata? AristophanesWhat does lysistrata want the women to do to end the war? Not have sex with the men and take over acropolis.Lysistrata takes place in what city? AthensWhich women tournament's her husband when he comes back with something. MyrrhineWhat is the oath of the black ,if they break it. The oath. The wine will turn to water.Conversions of traditional African theatre. Include 3. Music Not for realism Dancing, masks..Athol Fugard wrote.. Master Harold.... And the boys.Thiong's story was what? I'll marry when you want.Tyler Perry's Madea and Shelly Garrett's beauty shop what kind of cerquit? Chitlin cirquitWEB DUBois believed it should have 4 qualities. For us by us near us and about us.What play ran continuously for more than 80 years? Uncle toms cabin.Gem is part of a ten play cycle called?The century cycle or PittsburghWho burns down the mill? Solly two kingsWhy does citizen need his soul washed? Stole nails and "killed" Garrett brown. But he drowned.How old is aunt ester? 285 years old.Aunt ester sends citizen to find? Two side by side pennies, and a piece of iron from Jilson GrantName two of the six tools of the playwright Language, themes, characters, plot, conflict, and world of the play.PLOT STRUCTURE DIAGRAMAERISTOTALIAN OR CLIMATIC PLOT STRUCTUREwhat two questions are about theatre? What what is the play about and how will you tell the story?Which characters are not played by the Greek chorus? Lil and uncle peck.What scene suggests uncle peck is a pedifile? Uncle peck and bobby. The scene he had where he expresses his feelings.Who does Lill bit see in the rear view at the end of the play? Uncle peck.How man chorus members are there? 3What clip begins with the lead actor painting the set with his words? Sunday in the park with George.The piano lesson clip uses what African theater convention? GriotIn raceless, Monica's boss complains that she.... She isn't acting Asian enough.How does beneatha connect to her African heritage in raisin in the sun? Dance and music.The clips of Peking opera and kabuki theater both include what? No one is talking. Tons of face makeup. Acrobatics!!What form is known as the art of walking? NOH theatre. (Japan).Most experienced is 30 years of practice.What Asian American company nearly employed nearly 75% of theatre workers? The east west playersWho was mei LAN fang? A Peking opera master.When theatre was created in India what was its function? Religious reasons. Educate and entertain. Distract audiences from earthly dangers and sins.Why is gallimard in prison? Treason because he is involved with the spy. Gave classified documents to the Chinese.Where does M Butterfly take place? France, Bejing, his prison cell.Who is chin? She is his handler his spy.What happens to song after he is sent back to France? She is forced to go to France with him, or exiled. Prison/work cell.What does the title M butterfly mean? The play madam butterfly. Opera reference.What kind of theatre is also known as a picture from stage? Proscenium theatre.KNOW STAGE SHAPES!What is the most versatile stage shape. Black boxWhat does a stage manager do? Call cues and run the show during production.Name 3 of the 4 areas of design. Sound design Lighting design Costume design Scenic or set design.Name the remaining three qualities of effective design? Has to meet the budget. Set the mood. Support the production

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