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Terms What do these terms mean and why are they significant Make sure you check the Topics section above for the major forms of theatre from each topic we ve covered For example Dada and Off Broadway would both be terms as well Actos by luiz valdez suppose to inspire the audience to get into action express feelings what people are feeling AgitProp emerged in russia in America focuses on single groups of people Agitation Propaganda Living Newspaper Alienation Effect the use of techniques designed to distance the audience from emotional involvement in the play through jolting reminders of the artificiality of the theatrical performance Berolt brecht Astor Place Riot embodiment of class division first time us fired on citizens during time of peace The Black Crook the first straight musical in 1866 Blocking where actors move Book Integrated Musical part of the golden age of the American musical emphasis on plot and character the songs enhance plot and character development Burlesque part of working class entertainment Concept Fragmented Musical themes and ideas are primary charcters and plot are developed as needed Dark musicals dark endings Hair and assassins are examples The Cradle Will Rock part of federal theatre project by marc blitzstein dealt with unions and problems with states in the us Never happened for federal theatre example of agit prop Cult of Shakespeare is a sociocultural phenomenon that can be defined as worship of Shakespeare and respect for him as one of the greatest geniuses of humankind Dime Museum institutions that were popular at the end of the 19th century in the United States Designed as centers for entertainment and moral education for the working class lowbrow the museums were distinctly different from upper middle class cultural events Ford s Theatre place where linolcn was killed Fourth Wall theatrical convention from realism Imaginary wall at the front of the stage Given Imagined Circumstances given circumstances are things events background playwright gives you and actors will use given info imagined is stuff actors add in and build up characters Globe Theatre Reconstruction done by same wandmaker reconstructed the globe theatre using period construction techniques GRID gay related autoimmune disease before aids Humours 4 different things inside of you made up of bodily fluids from medieval bring out different emotions Magic If way of getting into character that s not stressful what would I do if I was in this situation representational acting and stanislavski Melodrama poetic justice the good guy gets good things dealt with action abduction mistaken identities Objective what the actor wants what he she is fighting for make it happen Off Broadway Broadway both take place in NYC off broadway holds 100 499 and broadway holds 500 Oklahoma beginning to book or integrated musical by Rodgers and Hammerstein every song and dance pushes forward plot and character development Production Concept serves as a foundation for the rest of the play have the directors approach to the play execution of central theme idea interpretation and unification Quem Quaeritas 965 ace call and response situation Realism response to realism came from social and economic disaster Shakespeare Conspiracy shakespeare didn t exist Social Drama theatre for social change Stage Yankee stage character who is kind hardworking less intellectual Ex joey from friends Tactic different strategies actors employ 10 of 12 for every 12 hours of rehearsing actors are there for 10 ie food Tragedy and the Common Man american theatre created by Arthur miller it used to tragedys only be about kings and he wanted people argued his can t be a tragedy bc it s about a common man Written in response to death of a salesman Vaudeville clean family entertainment clean version of SNL the elephant video clip Blue Man Group example of outside in presentational conveys messages physically John Wilkes Booth assisnated abe lincoln Bertolt Brecht Berliner Ensemble pioneered epic theatre wanted to distance audience emoitionally Chris Burden shoot commisoned a friend to shoot him in his performance Cirque du Soleil different spectacles performance art Federal Theatre Project Was the only national theatre country had lasted 4 years Edwin Forrest American actor bowery box most popular physical actor Working class Coco Fusco Guillermo G mez Pe a undiscovered Amerindians just sat there and let people come take pictures Georg II Duke of Saxe Meiningen was the first actor created crowd scenes 3 d sets and acting styles Gilbert Sullivan did the Mikado part of operrettas Hrosvitha first woman playwright dramatist a nun Henrik Ibsen wrote a doll s house father of realism Bill Irwin famous physical actor the clown prince Mois s Kaufman was part of tectonic theatre company the Laramie project show similar to ana devir smith dealt with matthew shepard s murder dramatizes ppl around situation William Macready English actor upper class Cameron Mackintosh wrote big blockbuster shows lesmiserables phantom of the opera miss Saigon cats modern marry poppins Christopher Marlowe wrote dr faustus David Merrick the abominable showman most hated on broadway publicity stunts Arthur Miller wrote death of a salesman the cruicible tragedy common man Eugene O Neill disturbing struggling to maintain positive outlook on world Long days journey into night dramatizes his fam NEA4 as individuals too individuals had fundings withdrawn from Karen finley holly hughes john fleck tim miller Rodgers Hammerstein pioneered book or integrated musicals Made Oklahoma William Shakespeare big part of renaissance wrote 37 38 major plays Anna Deavere Smith on the road a search for American character she waits for big social events goes to the site talks to people and convinces them to let her use their words for a show Stephen Sondheim American composer composed sweeny todd Sunday in the park with George Musical theatre Annie Sprinkle public cervix announcement pornstar turned performance artist Konstantine Stanislavski inside out or representation acting pioneered science redfined acting creator of acting system Julie Taymor lion king director of lion king first female for tony award for directing Richard Wagner gesamtkunsterk was the master artist in directing controls everything Sam Wanamaker one who constructed globe theatre Andrew Lloyd Webber composed phantom of the opera Thornton Wilder our town uses a stage manager hopeful playwright golden age of American

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