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Food and Beverage Management for ClubsGolf operationsGolf operations part 2Test 3 Study GuideFood and Beverage Management for ClubsFor a club food and beverage can- Help attract new members- Retain current members- Help with financial goals- Members view the club in a positive light- THE NUMBER ONE REASON WOMEN CUB OUT TO THE CLUB IS DININGThe difference between food and beverage in a club than a resturaunt- Income is limitedo Only so many members to feedo Members are spread out between the multiple food outletso Your can only charge your memebers so much- There are multiple outletso Casual: grill rooms, mens loungeso Formal dining: mian room/tea roomo Quick service: pool snack bar, beverage carto Banquet facility- Food and labor costso Higher wasteo Higher quality of ingrediantso Must hold items not on the menuo Larger than normal market portionso Items are prepared fresh daily- Service staffing levels are different, lower turnover rateso Must over staff resturaunts so members can be seated when they want to be- Days and hours of operationo Club is always open- Service standards are highero Purpose is to make members happyo Special orders are a standardo Customized service for each memberThe similarities with a resturaunt- Menu engineering- Follow trends- Multiple offerings for varying tastesFood trends in clubs- Locally grown food- Reduced carbon footprint- Nutritional childrens dishs- Gluten free/food allergy- Back to basics wth a twist: lobster mac and cheese- Half/smaller portions for a smaller price- Sustainable seafood- Nutritional options- Organic produceBeverage trends in clubs- Craft/local brews- Pro golfer brand wines- Branded beer glassesBudget considerations- Clubs must project:o Meals served at each outleto Revenue from each outlet/avg price per mealo Un-spent minimumso Labor neededo Food costso Other costsWays to increase revenues in food and beverage- Ocean reef: all local fish days- Country club of Virginia: seasonal promotion of local craft beer for $5 and $1 for stella- Greensboro country club: chef of the day ran competition of member teams competing to be best chef . members voted on the best team- Kids culinary academy: kids learn with chefs and then prepare meals for their parents- The country club: lookout for the cookout; summer promo to increase usage of the formal dining roomGolf operations Components of operations- Golf shop- Managing play- Club fitting- Club repair- Tournament operations- Locker room- Bag room- Service standards- Car fleet- Caddie program- Teaching the game- Practice facilitiesThe golf shop- Ownership: can be owned by head golf professionalo Pays the club rent or the club can own it and pay a pro commission- Merchandise: golf clothing and assecories, gift items and misc. o Merchandise assortment plan (vendor selection/market trends): this helps the buyer know what products they should buyo Inventory management Open to buy inventory and retail budget system: tool to assist merchandiser in managing ship inventory, provides guidance on how much to buy and wheno Forecasting sales and costs of goods soldo Buying plan- Staffing: head golf professional, asst golf professionals, merchandising manager/buyer, shop asst.- The space: flow, fixutres, lighting, décor, feelo Flow, décor, and displays- Creative displays for optimal saleso Color coordinationo Mix of products, price points, varied heights, seasonal décor, feel good stuff, signage Staffing the gold program- Inside services- Head golf professionalo Directs entire golf programo Manages the shop and staffo Inventory control, budgetso Teacheso Tournament management- Assistant golf professionalo Golf shop saleso Teacheso Supervises interns, staffo Tournament operations- Outside services- Caddie mastero Manages caddieso Member satisfaction- Attendantso Maintains bag storage roomo Maintaints locker roomo Maintains practice favilityo Maintains car fleet- Rangers, starters, marshallso Ensures adequate pace of playo Maintains club policies and ruleso Resolves on course disputes and issues- Golf staff certificationo A1: head gold professionalo A8: assistant golf professionalo A4: director of golfManaging play- Tee sheets: shows the rounds play, weather, tournaments, issues- Rules and handicaps: everyone must obey rules, sometimes golfers need a handicap- Pace of play: hot issue today, players must complete the round in a good amount of timeClub fitting, demos, and repair- Club fitting: allows members to get the perfect set of clubs- Demos: allows you to try out different types of clubs. This increases sales- Repair: helps keep members playingMember tournaments:- Member-guest- Ladies league- Mens league- Mixed tournamentsNon-member tournaments:- Charity events- Corportate outings- Regional/ national events- Pga tour eventsTournaments increase revenue but can disrupt member play- Creates competitive excitement- Develops friendships- Promotes use of the club- Generates revenue- Shows the club to potential membersWhat makes a great tournament- Excellent condition of course- Fantastic food and beverages- Great participation- Quality prizes and giveaways - Subperb organization and planning- Fun and interesting formatGolf operations part 2Locker room services:- Shoe cleaning/repair- Secure storage of belonging- Laundry services- Food and beverage- Business and internet services- Showers and bathroom- Saunas- Massages- TvsBag room services:- Put the bag on the members car 1 hour before tee time- Clubs have an organized storage system- Friendly quick service- Clubs and bags get cleaned after each useGolf car fleet- Leased or owned- Most electric- Miaintainted and cleaned daily- Some don’t allow cars- Some require use of cars during busy times- They can be reserved ahead of time- Members are charged a rental fee- Maintenanceo Battery terminalso Ventilation in the storage buildingo Rotation of cars constantlyo Typical maintenance check: water levels, tire pressure, brake system, steering system, cleaning and detailing- Issues with member using their owno Will be charged a trail feeo Must have a car that “matches” the clubs positiono Must prove to have liability insurance- Benefits of the club owning the carso Can deduct depreciation expenseso Hire own mechanico Club owned ones are treated better- Benefites of leasingo No large cash outlay neededo Less maintenance responsibilityo 49% of golf/country clubs lease their carscaddie program- caddie master manages and trains the caddie- many caddie

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