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Test 3 Study Guide Food and Beverage Management for Clubs For a club food and beverage can Help attract new members Retain current members Help with financial goals Members view the club in a positive light THE NUMBER ONE REASON WOMEN CUB OUT TO THE CLUB IS DINING The difference between food and beverage in a club than a resturaunt Income is limited o Only so many members to feed o Members are spread out between the multiple food outlets o Your can only charge your memebers so much There are multiple outlets o Casual grill rooms mens lounges o Formal dining mian room tea room o Quick service pool snack bar beverage cart o Banquet facility Food and labor costs o Higher waste o Higher quality of ingrediants o Must hold items not on the menu o Larger than normal market portions o Items are prepared fresh daily Service staffing levels are different lower turnover rates o Must over staff resturaunts so members can be seated when they want to be Days and hours of operation o Club is always open Service standards are higher o Purpose is to make members happy o Special orders are a standard o Customized service for each member The similarities with a resturaunt Menu engineering Follow trends Multiple offerings for varying tastes Food trends in clubs Locally grown food Reduced carbon footprint Nutritional childrens dishs Gluten free food allergy Back to basics wth a twist lobster mac and cheese Half smaller portions for a smaller price Sustainable seafood Nutritional options Organic produce Beverage trends in clubs Craft local brews Pro golfer brand wines Branded beer glasses Budget considerations Clubs must project o Meals served at each outlet o Revenue from each outlet avg price per meal o Un spent minimums o Labor needed o Food costs o Other costs Ways to increase revenues in food and beverage Ocean reef all local fish days Country club of Virginia seasonal promotion of local craft beer for 5 and 1 for stella Greensboro country club chef of the day ran competition of member teams competing to be best chef members voted on the best team Kids culinary academy kids learn with chefs and then prepare meals for The country club lookout for the cookout summer promo to increase usage their parents of the formal dining room Golf operations Components of operations Golf shop Managing play Club fitting Club repair Tournament operations Locker room Service standards Bag room Car fleet Caddie program Teaching the game Practice facilities The golf shop Ownership can be owned by head golf professional o Pays the club rent or the club can own it and pay a pro commission Merchandise golf clothing and assecories gift items and misc o Merchandise assortment plan vendor selection market trends this helps the buyer know what products they should buy o Inventory management Open to buy inventory and retail budget system tool to assist merchandiser in managing ship inventory provides guidance on how much to buy and when o Forecasting sales and costs of goods sold o Buying plan Staffing head golf professional asst golf professionals merchandising manager buyer shop asst The space flow fixutres lighting d cor feel o Flow d cor and displays Creative displays for optimal sales o Color coordination o Mix of products price points varied heights seasonal d cor feel good stuff signage Staffing the gold program Inside services Head golf professional o Directs entire golf program o Manages the shop and staff o Inventory control budgets o Teaches o Tournament management Assistant golf professional o Golf shop sales o Teaches o Supervises interns staff o Tournament operations Outside services Caddie master o Manages caddies o Member satisfaction Attendants o Maintains bag storage room o Maintaints locker room o Maintains practice favility o Maintains car fleet Rangers starters marshalls o Ensures adequate pace of play o Maintains club policies and rules o Resolves on course disputes and issues Golf staff certification o A1 head gold professional o A8 assistant golf professional o A4 director of golf Managing play handicap amount of time Tee sheets shows the rounds play weather tournaments issues Rules and handicaps everyone must obey rules sometimes golfers need a Pace of play hot issue today players must complete the round in a good Club fitting demos and repair Club fitting allows members to get the perfect set of clubs Demos allows you to try out different types of clubs This increases sales Repair helps keep members playing Member tournaments Member guest Ladies league Mens league Mixed tournaments Non member tournaments Charity events Corportate outings Regional national events Pga tour events Tournaments increase revenue but can disrupt member play Creates competitive excitement Develops friendships Promotes use of the club Generates revenue Shows the club to potential members What makes a great tournament Excellent condition of course Fantastic food and beverages Great participation Quality prizes and giveaways Subperb organization and planning Fun and interesting format Golf operations part 2 Locker room services Shoe cleaning repair Secure storage of belonging Laundry services Food and beverage Business and internet services Showers and bathroom Saunas Massages Tvs Bag room services Put the bag on the members car 1 hour before tee time Clubs have an organized storage system Clubs and bags get cleaned after each use Friendly quick service Golf car fleet Leased or owned Most electric Miaintainted and cleaned daily They can be reserved ahead of time Members are charged a rental fee Maintenance Some don t allow cars Some require use of cars during busy times o Battery terminals o Ventilation in the storage building o Rotation of cars constantly o Typical maintenance check water levels tire pressure brake system steering system cleaning and detailing Issues with member using their own o Will be charged a trail fee o Must have a car that matches the clubs position o Must prove to have liability insurance Benefits of the club owning the cars o Can deduct depreciation expenses o Hire own mechanic o Club owned ones are treated better Benefites of leasing o No large cash outlay needed o Less maintenance responsibility o 49 of golf country clubs lease their cars caddie program caddie master manages and trains the caddie many caddie services are outsourced some high end clubs caddies are required responsibilities o carrying players clubs o locating players ball o collecting the players club after each shot and cleaning

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