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Study Guide POS 3122 Final Exam Spring 2013 Definition of bureaucracy and whom does it apply to at the state level It is the machinery of government 5million across country 112 000 in FL lowest state employees per population What do bureaucrats do Implement Policy Regulate businesses and professions to Insure our safety chiropractors accountants licensed Street level bureaucrats Help inform Policy Who are street level bureaucrats accountants air conditional contractors beautificians real estate electrical contractors landscape architecture auctionners talent agents athlete agents What are the two key components of civil service Assures employees are selected on merit based on neutral competence Also protects that employee from political change What are the advantages and disadvantages of civil service Impartial Accountable Yet also comes with red tape AND possible complacency Professional experts What is bureaucratic discretion Ability of public employees to make decisions interpreting law and regulations Oversight important so don t have Bureaucratic drift Clientele groups those who benefit from the program teachers construction workers are clientele What is the definition of representative bureaucracy and why might it be important that the state work force be representative if the make up is different than they rationalize that the representativeness will be different Idea that public sector should reflect makeup of the state in gender and race Responsiveness variety diversity Symbolic they aren t all white guys from Harvard What is the definition of collective bargaining 35 of state workers belong to unions American Federation of State Country and Municipal Employees AFSCME The Irony of Wisconsin first state to allow Collective Bargaining to its workers What is affirmative action and what key court cases have defined it in recent decades if two qualified people wanted job female would get it CA proposition 209 prohibited race and gender consideration in public hiring upheld by Supreme Court 2 Supreme Court decisions on admissions University of Michigan o Grutter v Bollinger allowed consideration of race Is the issue of affirmative action still being settled in the court What is your evidence of this 2013 Supreme Court Cases New Case Fisher v University of Texas o May overturn Grutter Shuette v Coalition to defend Affirmative Action o Michigan case challenges state constitutional amendment Why is Wisconsin s recent action on collective bargaining ironic Wisconsin in news lately for doing away with collective bargaining excpet for police and fire Was the first state to permit collective bargaining What are the advantages and disadvantages of public unions Disadvantages 1 public officials are under pressure to settle labor disputes 2 unions wield political clout 3 symbiotic relationship between unions and elected officials 4 strike as a political weapon Advantages Protect public employees when civil service protections aren t adequate What is privatization and how is it used by states What is contracting out Why is competitive bidding so important shift government functions to private corporations or nonprofit Reduce state employees Privatization o Contracting out state will say we want someone to repair i10 and have a private group do it instead of state employees out for bids and incentives o Vouchers give recipients blank amount of money and saying buy what you need o Franchises Give private sector use of public sector State parks o Public private partnerships enterprise FL funding comes from people who pay to be on board What are the pros and cons of contracting out Advantages save money higher quality service new skills more efficient service delivery Disadvantages lose control over contractors situations where still responsible like prisons not clear save money more than one time maybe some issues shouldn t contract out for child protection sensitive areas What are the some examples of where Florida has privatized by contracting out public services Outsourced projects totaled 50 billion FY 12 72 of the budget Prisons health care for prisons eligibility for food stamps TANF Child welfare education How does Florida compare to other states regarding size of the public sector and payroll Relative small number of state employees Lobbyist registered to lobby the executive branch 4 925 Lobbyist registered to lobby the Legislative branch 3 235 How does Florida protect collective bargaining for state employees Protected in state constitution Article 1 Section 6 How do Florida s bargaining rights compare to those of other Southern states Only Southern state with comprehensive bargaining rights What is being done in the states to reinvent government Overhaul civil service system Moved 16 000 Career Service employers to Selected Executive Service Out sourced state s personnel system Streamlined agency recruitment and selection Performance bonuses Is state bureaucracy a leader or follower in the use of technology What are examples of how technology is being used E government use of information technology to simplify and improve interactions between governments and citizens firms In table in book Florida 3rd in use of e government Some oppose government notices don t know to look What is Transparency Florida State Budgets State contracts Vendor payments Where state dollars go Political scientists are generally more positive about interest groups than the general public What is the political science argument defending them Play important role in democracy important mechanism for providing information for policymakers generally the legislature but more and more Often for executive branch and the courts What provision in the U S constitution protects interest groups in Washington and in the states Constitution guarantees the people the right to petition the government for redress of grievances When petitioning government is guaranteed presence of lobbyists is assured What do interest groups and their lobbyists do to influence policy includes providing entertainment gifts food and beverage provide a threshold What are the trends across the states in numbers of lobbyists Is this trend evident in every state What are some reasons for this trend Ohio 2 000 At low end are Alaska 265 Maine 275 Nebraska 350 1996 NUMBERS But key thing is that even in those states numbers have grown hyperpluralism State laws vary some have broad definition of lobbying that requires everyone to register Florida

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