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DEP 4014 Exam 3 Review Chapters 10 13 Thoroughly read the textbook and PowerPoint outlines You are also responsible for concepts discussed in class Some of the questions on the test may contain portions or sections of a concept make sure to choose the best answer in all cases Be able to define describe identify the following be familiar with correlates of constructs below CHAPTER 10 1 Know which is the most well documented stressor for single parents 2 A teenager s own phase of development conflicts with early parenthood What factors related to adolescent development might interfere with parenting a Experience pregnancy as a crisis and are unprepared b Own identity development conflicts with parenting role c Adolescent egocentrism may interfere with empathy d Often faces stress unstable family life low earnings relationship problems additional births poor health outcomes past abuse 3 Know which factors influence whether a mother s young age will negatively influence her a Financial b Relationship c Parenting demands d Lack of time for self child a Intelligence b Self esteem c Amount of adversity d Mental health status 4 There are few significant differences in the reported parenting practices beliefs or attitudes of gay lesbian parents compared to traditional parents What are the most often cited differences between gay and lesbian parents and heterosexual parents 5 What are the differences if any between children of gay lesbian parents and children of heterosexual parents in terms of their development 6 What is a requirement that adoptive parents must fulfill in order to adopt a child a They must be certified 7 Be familiar with Reactive Attachment Disorder RAD a a a 8 What will make a child feel comfortable with his her identity as an adopted child a Being told that they are adopted from early on so they understand and are aware of it 9 Know which psychological problem has attracted the most attention in terms of parenting a Depression anxiety schizophrenia bipolar disorder antisocial personality disorder substance abuse 10 What factors might decrease likelihood of parents being adversely affected by the birth of a child with disabilities a If parent is resilient b More social support c Modify prior expectations about child and have positive parenting experience 11 How are grandparents who are surrogate parents negatively affected a Anger resentment mental financial problems 12 Be familiar with the ways that childrearing is compromised when the parent has a serious mental health illness a Lacking warmth emotional nurturance b Fail to engage in reciprocal interactions c Unable to structure provide stimulation Inappropriate supervision and discipline d CHAPTER 11 13 Be able to define the term cultural niche a Physical and social environment b Customs of childrearing and child care c Parent s psychology 14 How is SES determined Know the research findings mentioned in the book on SES and parenting a Key determinant of childrearing b Lower SES parents discipline in a more reactive way compared to higher SES parents partly due to stress levels 15 How is affluence defined a Twice the median national income 16 Which 4 factors when taken into account reduce the finding that African Americans are more likely to physically punish their children when compared to European Americans parents a Education stress race and 17 Be familiar with the terms familismo and respeto a Family ties and the importance of family b Repect for peers and elders 18 Know the reason s why the percentage of Asian American youth who obtain a college degree far exceeds the percentage for all Americans a Model minority due to focus on academic achievement and career success b Values expectations practices centered around importance of education hard work family loyalty conformity social harmony 19 Be familiar with the continuous care and contact model of infant development used in the US and UK and the infant rearing practices of the Efe Pygmy tribe in Central Africa a US one main caretaker for the child b Efe many elders are involved in rearing a child and many women will even breastfeed the children 20 What are the findings on the effects of parental rejection on children from the meta analysis mentioned in the textbook that evaluated 43 studies from around the world a Leads to emotional disconnectedness 21 Be familiar with the differences between individualistic and collectivistic cultures in general and with respect to parenting a Parents from individualistic cultures socialize their children to be independent b Parents from collectivistic cultures socialize their children to be interdependent 22 Know the consequences of living in poverty on a child s physical health 23 Know the parenting tasks identified by Bradley that are affected by living in poverty a Premature birth b Birth defects c Malnutrition d Obesity e Asthma a Providing safety b Ensuring adequate sustenance c Giving adequate stimulation d Supporting socioemotional development e Creating structure f Maintaining monitoring g Forming social connections CHAPTER 12 24 Why is the term maltreatment preferable to child abuse a Abuse implies harm is being actively done to the child whereas maltreatment includes neglect 25 How many children were maltreated in 2006 according to official reports from Child Protective Services schools and hospitals a 905 000 26 Be familiar with Munchausen syndrome by proxy a Unusual form of physical abuse 27 Know the factors that put parents at greater risk to become perpetrators of child abuse a Mothers more common b Mental illness c Hyper reactivity d Attachment problems e Emotional problems f g Social cognitive problems e g poor problem solving lack of parenting knowledge reliance on physical punishment unrealistic expectations feelings of powerlessness h Substance abuse 28 Be able to define neglect Know the indicators of neglect Know the three types of neglect i e physical medical and educational a The failure of a caregiver to provide the physical and social ingredients for what is considered the minimal care necessary for children to thrive and grow b Physical medical educational neglect 29 Who are the most common male perpetrators of child sexual abuse a uncles 30 What are the important roles that parents must fulfill in order to help their children recover 31 Be able to define psychological maltreatment Be able to name and define the different forms a Repeated pattern of behavior or extreme incident s that convey message

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