UCF SYP 3510 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior FINAL Study Guide

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Sociology of Deviant Behavior FINAL Study GuideChapter 11: Heterosexual Deviance +Sexual Deviance• Prostitution• Premarital and extramarital sex• Pornography +Deviating from Sexual Norms• Most judgments of sexual deviation consider a few important characteristics:-The degree of consent, such as norms that prohibit forcible rape-The identities of the participants, such as norms that restrict legitimate sexual partners to human beings and exclude animals.-relationships between participants, such as norms that restrict legitimate sex partners to people in certain age ranges with acceptable distant kinship bongs.-certain kinds of acts and conduct.-The settings in which sex acts occur. • Norms may prohibit (among other things) :-Forcible rape-Incest-Statutory Rape-Sexual Molestation of a child-Adultery-Sex with multiple partners-sex before marriage-sex in group settings among couples (swinging)-voyeurism or exhibitionism -bestiality+Social Change and Sexual Behavior• Is there a shift in U.S society toward greater openness about and tolerance toward sexual variation?• Gender Bending-Dress-Hair-Body Adomment (tattoos)+Adultery• Extramarital sex refers to sexual behavior by a married person with someone who is not his or her spouse• An affair may or may not include sex; it can involve only romantic or platonic relationship+Sex and the Computer• Cyber sex• Pornography• Chat Rooms• Web Cameras +Sex Work and Prostitution • Exotic dancing• Erotic massage • Escort services • Telephone sex operations • Prostitution • Other impersonal sexual activities• Nature and Extent:-The basic idea of prostitution involves exchanges of sex for money - Most prostitution arrests targeted people in their earlytwenties, and about 60% apprehended were white ppl.+Prostitution • In 2004, U.S police agencies arrested 87,872 ppl for prostitution and commercialized vice.• Both prostitutes and those who solicit the sex can be arrested for the crime• Janus and Janus (1993) estimated that as many as 20% of all adult men have had some experience with prostitutes+Types of Prostitution • Streetwalker : most common type of prostitute, solicits directly for clients in relatively public place, such as a street corner.• Bargirl: solicits clients in a public place that offers more protection from public view. May work alone or with a pimp or with the help of other bar employees.• Call Girl: highest status of any type of prostitute. Works out of a hotel room or apartment and takes slients through referrals from known, trustedsources.• Three kinds of prostitutes who work in business offices:-Party Girls: have sex with clients for money.-Mistresses: form sexual relationships with their bosses, motivated principally by the desire to ensure job security.-Career Climber: forms continuing sexual relationships with a series of bosses in an effort to promote her own career mobility and advancement.+Sex Work and Prostitution• Prostitution and Deviant Street Networks:-Deviant street networks provide the settings for much prostitution.-These networks reflect links among people engaged in a number of illicit activities.-The deviant street networks recruit other girls from the city’s population of runaways to become prostitutes by offering shelter and money in exchange for their labor.• Becoming a Prostitute:-The “Happy Hooker Myth” promotes a prostitute to be sexy, “pretty” women who freely enters prostitution until the right man comes along. -Prostitutes clearly pursue economic motivation and engage in this activity mostly for money.• Child Prostitutes: -Also known as Baby Pros -Introduced to prostitution often times through their parents and family members.-Children run away from home to escape physical abuse, and neglect.• Prostitution as a Career-An association with people who live on the fringes of prostitution seems as important contributor to participation in this activity.-The career of a call girl includes at least three developmental stages: entrance into the career, apprenticeship, and development of contacts.• Sex Work and Prostitution -Drug motivated competition has decreased prices for prostitution services as addicts undercut other prostitutes to ensure they make incomes sufficient to support theirhabits.-Prostitutes who exchange sex for drugs often think of themselves as freer than those who work for pimps.• Self-Concept: -Societal reactions, arrests, and associations with other prostitutes promote change in the prostitute’s self- concept-There is a hierarchy among types of prostitutes:-Example: Call girls may look down upon prostitutesand associate that work strictly with streetwalkers.• Prostitution and Social Control:-COYOTE (Call Off Your Tired Ethics): -This organization attempted to change public attitudes toward prostitution by calling for decriminalization of the practice.- Not all prostitution is forced.-Prostitution represents merely a service occupation in the community-Denial of the choice to engage in prostitution violates woman’s civil rights to work as she pleases.-WHISPERER (Women Hurt in Systems of Prostitution Engaged in Revolt): Depicts the downside of prostitution, with graphic accounts of women restrained by their customers in chains and ropes, burned with cigarettes by their pimps, and generally degraded sexually for money they need in order to live.+Health Concerns• HIV: Most prostitutes that become HIV positive did so because of intravenous drug use.+International Sex Work• Female Trafficking• Child Prostitution Estimates:-800,000 Thailand-400,000 India-250,000 Brazil-60,000 Philippines-90,000 U.S+Sexual Slavery• Female sexual slavery has persisted due to:-High Poverty among women-Traditional female role socialization-Social attitudes that promote this behavior and government inattention.+Legalized Prostitution• Bombay, India• Hamburg, Germany (2002)• Amsterdam, the Netherlands+Pornography • Child porn arrests in Central Florida- a huge Internet undercover operation turned up more than 100,000 child pornography images and resulted in charges against 21 men.• In the last 15 years, the FBI says the number of child pornography arrests has jumped 2,500 %• In Miller V. California, the Supreme Court argued that certain materials can be classified as obscene and banned if an average person applying contemporary community standards would find al of the following:-Appeals to “prurient (lustful)

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UCF SYP 3510 - Sociology of Deviant Behavior FINAL Study Guide

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