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In a company with a _________ matrix organizational structure, the project manager controls the project budget and has moderate or high authority.balanced weakstrongfunctionalIn a(n) _________ relationship, the "from" activity cannot start until the "to" activity is started.finish-to-startstart-to-startstart-to-finishfinish-to-finishThe ratio of earned value to planned value used to estimate the projected time to complete the project is called the _________ SPICPISVCVThe amount of time an activity can be delayed without delaying the early start date of any immediately following activities.Float timeFree timeTotal slackFree SlackA(n) _______is a document used to develop and confirm a common understanding of the project scope.business casecontractstatement of workscope statementThe ______is a network diagramming technique in which boxes represent activities.ADAPDMPOAADMThe ultimate goal of _________is to create a realistic project schedule that provides a basis for monitoring project progress for the time dimension of the project.activity duration estimatingactivity sequencingactivity definitionschedule developmentWith the ________, project managers use a give-and- take approach to resolving conflicts.confrontation modeforcing modesmoothing modecompromise modeIn any normal distribution, __percent of the population is within three standard deviations of the mean.99.795.599.999.0___________might provide an estimate of $50 per line of code for a software development project based on the programming language the project is using, the level of expertise of the programmers, the size and complexity of the data involved, and so on.Analogous cost estimatingReserve analysisBottom-up estimatingParametric modeling_____is a technique for making cost and schedule trade-offs to obtain the greatest amount of schedule compression for the least incremental cost.CrushingExpeditingFast trackingCrashing________involves working with stakeholders to create the document that formally authorizes a project.Directing and managing project executionDeveloping the project management planDeveloping the project charterDeveloping the project scope statementThe majority of time on a project is usually spent on _______, as is most of the project's budget.executionplanningmonitoring and controllingclosing______________involves managing the relationship with the selected seller.Closing the contractAdministering the contractSelecting sellers Requesting seller responsesIn a(n) __________relationship, the "from" activity must finish before the "to" activity can start.start-to-finishfinish-to-startstart-to-startfinish-to-finishA(n) _______person achieves a balance between risk and payoffrisk-averserisk-neutralrisk-fearingrisk-seeking______________provide(s) a standard format for displaying project schedule information by listing project activities and their corresponding start and finish dates in a calendar format.PERT analysisCritical path analysisCritical chain schedulingGantt chartsA(n) ____is a formal, documented process that describes when and how official project documents may be changed.integrated change controlchange control systemchange requestperformance reportThe _is an estimate of the value of the physical work actually completed.RPACEVPVThe ________planning approach is best suited to project managers who have vast technical insight and a big-picture perspective.mind mappinganalogybottom-uptop-down____________dependencies are sometimes referred to as soft logic and should be used with care since they may limit later scheduling options.DiscretionaryExternalMandatoryInternal__________allow for future situations that may be partially planned for.Contingency reservesUnknown unknownsDirect reservesManagement reservesFrom the supplier's perspective, there is the least risk with a(n) _____contract and the most risk with the _____contract.FFP. CPPCCPFF, FPICPFF, FFPCPPC, FFPThe project's _______is a starting point for identifying internal stakeholders.communications management planWBSorganizational chartbusiness case_______results in supporting detail to document important product information as well as assumptions and constraints related to specific activities.Activity sequencingActivity definitionActivity duration estimatingActivity resource estimatingThe goal of the __________process is to ensure that the project team has complete understanding of all the work they must do as part of the project scope so they can start scheduling thework.activity duration estimatingactivity definitionactivity resource estimatingactivity sequencing_____________involves identifying the specific activities that the project team members and stakeholders must perform to produce the project deliverables.Activity duration estimatingActivity definitionActivity sequencingActivity resource estimatingThe _is that portion of the approved total cost estimate scheduled to be spent on an activity during a given period.EVPVRPAC_______is a method of scheduling that considers limited resources when creating a project schedule and includes buffers to protect the project completion date.Critical path analysisGantt chartsCritical chain schedulingPERT analysis_________involves estimating the number of work periods that are needed to complete individual activities.Activity resource estimatingActivity definitionActivity duration estimatingActivity sequencing_________determine(s) if the products or services produced as part of the project will be accepted or rejected.ReworkProcess adjustmentsAuditingAcceptance decisions________involves changing the size of the opportunity by identifying and maximizing key drivers of the positive risk.Risk acceptanceRisk enhancementRisk exploitationRisk sharing____________involves eliminating a specific threat, usually by eliminating its causes.Risk transferenceRisk acceptanceRisk mitigationRisk avoidance______involves formalizing acceptance of the project scope. Key project stakeholders, such as the customer and sponsor for the project, inspect and then formally accept the deliverables of the project during this process.Scope planningScope definitionScope verificationScope control________is best known for developing Theory X and Theory Y.Abraham MaslowDavid McClellandFrederick HerzbergDouglas McGregorProject _______management ensures that the project will satisfy the stated or implied needs for which it was undertaken.costtimescopequality_______allow for future situations that are unpredictable.Contingency reservesKnown

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