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Sylviane Linda Nkemkem Epse NdongnangQuarantine During PandemicA pandemic can be defined as the rapid spread ofdiseaseto a large number of people over several countries or continents. As the year 2019 ended, a virus called covid-19 appeared and is continuing spreading exponentially between person until now. This pandemic has affected and killed thousands of peoples. Since last year, many countries are locking their population and enforcing strict quarantine to control the spread of the havoc of this highly disease. Therefore, the recent period of quarantine in United States has led to some positive impact such as the time spend with the family and also some negative impact such as the increasing rate of mental health.Coronavirus has affected our daily life, and many people are being killed due to the spread of the disease. However, quarantine was one of the actions put in place to reduce the spread of the illness. Despite the fact that this disease is slowing down the global economy because many companies and industries are closed, this period of quarantine was an opportunity for many families to build a strong relationship, have more conversations and take a time to thinkand plan their life. Like most family, this period was an occasion for me to spend more time withmy family and eat more meal together, discuss with others friend and family member’s in Africa using Social Media. It’s had also a special time for me to take care of my daughter. Unfortunately, this public heath measure also exposed many people to experience bad situations.The period of quarantine has negatively impacted the life of many people and the main factors was the poor mental health. Even though these actions were necessary to reduce the spread of covid-19, it has also made people feel isolated and lonely and has increase stress and anxiety. In the same way, many people, especially adult and children living alone alsoexperienced high level of stress. It’s too hard for somebody to stay in a close house without external contact, even though social media is a good way to stay connect with family and friend, this technology cannot replace real life. I remembered that, after this period of quarantine I came out with dry eye problem due to the frequently use of phone. Also, the fear and worry about my health and the health of my loved ones, the increasing case of deaths, and the absence of externalcontact increase my level of stress during this period. The percentage of unemployment increase,many people lost their jobs and became homeless due to the overwhelming of bill. As result, this situation has led to the surges of poor mental health. More alarmingly, the risk of suicide has increase because many people were not able to face this situation.In summary, we learned more from this pandemic the social interaction is the necessary for our mental health. Although, the period of quarantine helped people to spend time with their family, on the other side it has shown the world how important is social contact in our lives. For future quarantine, I would like the Public Health Service to take into consideration the measure that will both help reduce the rising of the virus and avoid people’s mental health

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GTCC ENG 111 - Pandemic Paper

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