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Leonel Mezatio Noreen Hannon ENG 111 02 22 2022 Rhetorical analysis paper The image I picked for this project is from a World Wildlife advertisement about cleaning up our environment This is one of several advertisements from the What Will It Take Before We Respect the Planet series which was launched in 2010 Because of the tremendous emotional appeal viewers receive from watching the innocent bears harmed the way they used the graffiti on the bears to symbolize the way we are harming our vulnerable ecosystems is highly compelling People are more likely to feel responsibility and desire to take action because of the way this appeals to them Because of the detrimental impact that viewing this photo had on individuals World Wildlife opted to show it differently than their other advertising It s not your normal save the Earth ad which distinguishes it from the competition and attracts more attention I would classify the image as satire since it employs a stereotyped form of disrespect in our society s culture by placing graffiti in an unlikely location and distorting the image to attract viewers attention Graffiti is so common in our culture that it fails to capture our attention In contrast to this shot where you would wonder Who would tag that innocent bear World Wildlife hoped to elicit this emotion from viewers The commercial is designed to raise awareness about how we are harming our ecosystems and it has a great emotional appeal for viewers When you see a photo of a polar bear your first thought isn t about how quickly it may kill you or that they re extremely dangerous creatures instead you think about how gorgeous they are and how vulnerable to extinction they are Using these specific species which are well known for being endangered and living in a life threatening ecology gives the image more credibility and emotional appeal World Wildlife federation is a well known organization that supports wildlife species and fights global warming therefore this ad is much more powerful and can reach a larger audience because most people are familiar with them This lends credibility to the advertisement in addition to the emotional appeal you receive from seeing it and allows you to make it incredibly Furthermore global warming has been a hot issue over the previous decade but it has lately gained in popularity and informed an increasing number of people so it was launched at the ideal moment to begin reaching a bigger audience People may dispute whether or not global warming is true but facts reveal that the ice in Antarctica is melting which making polar bear in convincing danger By putting on the bears the ad was designed to combine the normalcy of graffiti with a new degree of cruelty giving viewers a realistic sense of devastation and making it easier for them to get the ad s concept The emotional impact of the commercial is amplified by the placement of the polar bears as innocent animals Furthermore because they are such a well known extinct species and the source of images their reputation is significantly higher Although the advertisement is sarcastic the utilization of graffiti is a brilliant strategy because everyone is familiar with the harm it does It simplifies the ad s meaning so that everyone may comprehend it

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GTCC ENG 111 - Rhetorical analysis paper essay 1

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