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SOCI 1101 Exam Friday Feb 25th 6am to 11pm Spring 2022 Content Guide Exam 1 NOTE This should only be used as a vague guideline Because the readings are idea heavy please do your best to finish them as our class lectures discussions and this list are not exhaustive of what will appear on the exam Articles presented during Friday discussions may also appear on the exam Please read the exam and grade dispute policies on the syllabus Exam eLC 50 minutes 30 questions 2 points each I Introduction A Strategy of Pure Sociology What is science What is sociology What is pure sociology What is an independent variable o Examples of sociological independent variables What is a dependent variable o Examples of sociological dependent variables Suicide Manning s definition Moralistic suicide o Definition o Frequency Bouazizi s suicide Suicide vs homicide o Three reasons that suicide should be looked at from a sociological perspective o Percentage of gun deaths in U S that are suicide and homicide Variable aspects of suicide e g public vs private Suicide rates among adolescents and young adults in U S 2000 2017 o Gender differences in suicide rates o Age differences in suicide rates Social Time What is social time Dimensions of social space What does social time explain What are the major movements of social time Be able to identify movements of social time e g standing too close to a stranger is overinvolvement Storr 1 SOCI 1101 Exam Friday Feb 25th 6am to 11pm Spring 2022 What movements of social time caused the violence perpetrated by Kemper Kaczynski and Rodger Did video games cause Rodger s shooting spree Honor killings o Definition o Frequency o What movements of social time cause honor killings Be able to make connections between Amores Perros and the course material e g social Amores Perros time The Panoptic Society Who is Jeremy Bentham o What is utilitarianism What is the panopticon II Social Stratification I Inequality o What are the characteristics of the panopticon o Its relation to the dungeon What is a dossier Panoptic features of modern social institutions e g schools internet Inequality in hunter gatherer societies What is income What is wealth Primary way most families in the U S build wealth What is the Gini coefficient Kuznets curve Global inequality trends over the past few hundred years Scheidel s Four Horsemen of Leveling Wagner s Law Relationship between social problems and a country s income and degree of inequality Cultural differences between social classes Old money vs new money The linguistic inferiority principle Race What is race What is racism 2 SOCI 1101 Exam Friday Feb 25th 6am to 11pm Spring 2022 What is ethnicity Thomas Theorem o What is it o How does it relate to race What is post slavery convict leasing o When did it occur o How did state governments benefit o How did private companies benefit o How many were men were subjected to convict leasing o What is vagrancy o What are reparations Racial wealth gap o 2019 median wealth for black and white families o What explains the modern racial wealth disparity Race inequality and sports o Revenue vs non revenue generating college sports o Professional sports stadiums Race as a dependent variable o What causes whiteness Race The Power of an Illusion Health and Illness How much does the U S spend on health care Global wealth and life expectancy over time Why are there health disparities by vertical status o Access to health care o Unhealthy behaviors smoking o Stress and cortisol What is mastery a k a control of destiny o How does mastery relate to inequality How does vertical status impact our health care after we become sick Inequality among physicians o What is physician burnout o What explains variation in the physician burnout o The case of urology o The health benefit of primary care physicians o The status of primary care physicians In Sickness and in Wealth 3

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