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Date: September 3rd, 2021To: Dr. Mahdi Norouzi From: Adam Brew Subject (or Title): 1st lab and review of safety rulesThe first piece of equipment that was talked about was the hood vent where the use of chemicals is used to take the chemical vapors, so the vapors are not breathed in. The next piece of equipment was the belt sander which is used to remove material from a sample using sander paper and in the case of this lab 80 grit sandpaper. The safety used with the belt sander is to use gloves when usingthis or in the case of this lab due to the smaller nature of the sample is to keep your hands higher on thesample and to wear safety glasses for eye protection. The next piece of equipment is the LECO PR-32 mounting press which was used to mount the sample into Bakelite by applying pressure and heat to the sample, the safety associated with this equipment is to make sure that the mounting press is set up rightto mount a sample. The next piece of equipment is the microscope which was used to take photomicrographs of the sample at each stage of grinding and polishing to see the microstructure of thesample given, this piece of equipment has no real safety hazard but need to be used carefully to ensure that the microscope is not damaged in use. The last piece of equipment that was talked about was the LECO SS-100 Spectrum system automatic grinder and polisher which is used along with diamond pastes to polish the surface of the sample beyond what the sandpaper will remove to get a surface with no scratches or imperfections.The top ten safety rules that applied to this lab where as follows. First is that the safety glasses must be worn any time a student operates a lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, grinding wheel, a power saw or a cut-off saw. Second is while machining a specimen to not touch moving or rotating parts.Third is that a student must familiarize themselves with the locations of the emergency switch buttons on machines and in the lab which can used to cut off electric circuits in laboratory rooms, except the lights. Fourth is only properly trained and certified student are to operate a machine or equipment in the machine shop, material, and manufacturing processes laboratories. Fifth is that no student is allowed to work in the machine shop , material, and manufacturing processes labs unless an instructor, qualified lab supervisor or grad assistant is present. Sixth is that eye protection must be worn anytime a student uses a grinder, using an etchant, and melting metal. Seventh is that proper hand protection must be worn when handling acids or caustic solutions. Eighth is that any cuts or burns need to bereported immediately to the instructor, qualified lab supervisor, or graduate assistant, and they will decide what course of action needs to be taken to take care of injury. Nineth is that no jewelry (rings, bracelets, and wristwatches is allowed in the machine shop, materials, and manufacturing processes lab.And finally, because a materials laboratory contains many hazardous corrosives and/or poisonous liquids, you should never drink from laboratory glassware.In this lab we used the LECO PR-32 to mount the given sample into Bakelite, then using the belt sander we sanded off the top layer of the sample to get a flat surface. The using the microscope we tookpictures at 50x , 100x , and 200x magnification of the surface after sanding with 80 grit paper. Then sanded with 220 grit, and took the pictures again, then used 360 grit paper and took the pictures again. Then finally we used 600 grit paper and took the pictures one more

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GVSU EGR 250 - Lab 1

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