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Durham Tech COMM 2204 - Writing Assignment #1 – Negative Email

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Abimbola Akano Writing Assignment #1 – Negative Email100638203 COMM 2204: Communication for BusinessDate: Friday, April 17, 2020To: Samantha Scarn <[email protected]>From: Abimbola Akano <[email protected]>CC: Michael Scarn <[email protected]>Subject Cim Corps Financial FocusGood morning Samantha,After the meeting with the Board of Directors, we have decided to make some major changes here at Bim Corp.We reached these decisions after Bim Corps’ management team came together and reviewed last years profits, as well as taking a good look at our business – where we are, where we are headed, and where we need to be. We concluded that if we were to continue out current path, we would fall risk to failing on our mission, if we do not make changes while we have the resources and ability to do so.The following changes will be implemented effective immediately:- Business Travel – Going forward, Bim Corp will only be approving essential business travel to the staff and employees. Reservations must be placed 7 – 14 days in advance. The company will only pay for inexpensive travel for passengers flying in coach.o If an airline offers business class at no added cost, changes can be made in advance.- Photocopier counters – 25% of out budget last year went towards purchasing paper andmaking photocopies. A counter will be installed on all photocopiers; every employee will be charged an additional 25 cents for personal photocopies.- Charitable event – Until the company’s finances are in a better state, Bim Corp willAbimbola Akano Writing Assignment #1 – Negative Email100638203 COMM 2204: Communication for Businessrefrain from purchasing tables and tickets for charitable events. This was important to alot of our staff, so we urge that you continue to support your charities for the time being.The company will be making changes, at renewal dates, to the following payments:- Flowers at receptionists’ desks, or executive office. You are, however, more than welcome to bring your own.- Skyboxes that stream pro sporting events.- Alcoholic beverages served at business meals and other business-related occasions.- The company will also cease all professional membership dues for employeesThese are some of the hardest changes I have had to make in my years as the Chief Financial Advisor here at Bim Corp. I want to extend my thanks to Bim Corps’ board and management team who helped me through this process and the implementation of these changes. And, of course, you all. These changes may not be easy. But I am looking forward to taking on this challenge with you all.Thank you for all your support.Abimbola Akano, Chief Financial OfficerBim Corp.1234 Bimville Street, Suite 314Toronto, CA L1A 2B3Phone: 123-456-7890 | Fax:

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