Durham Tech COMM 2204 - Temperament Colour Rating Quiz

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Temperament Colour Rating QuizRate how each statement as it applies to you. 4 - Always (85 - 100%), 3 - Usually (50 - 84%), 2 - Sometimes (15 - 49%), 1 - Rarely (1 - 14%), and 0 - Never (0%). Green - Analysing - Inquiring - Curious - Rational _3__ I like to analyse things to understand how they work. __3_ It is important for me to feel competent. _2__ Only I know if I am competent. Others are not really in a position to judge. __3_ Acquiring knowledge is very important for me. _3__ I am my own worst critic. __4_ I am constantly assessing my abilities. __3_ My goal is to master all there is to know within my domain of interest. __0_ I often find that so-called “experts” don’t know what they are talking about. __2_ Even with all my achievements I often feel on the verge of failure. __3_ Recreation is necessary and has to be scheduled. __1_ I often believe that others know very little, but I still expect them to live up to my high standard. __1_ I tend to express myself in terse, compact and logical comments.__2_ When necessary, I can be logical, ruthless, taking the necessary action required, even when it causes me regret and sorrow. __2_ I live for my work. Work is play and play is work. __3_ My constant search is to find out why. __3_ I like to explore ideas. __1_ I am interested in change for change sake, just to see what will happen. __1_ The past is dead and gone for me. I look mainly to the future. __1_ I enjoy figuring out what is happening more than I enjoy participating. __1_ My need is for power. Power is knowledge, knowing how the physical world works. _42__ Total Green Gold - Organizing - Dependable - Responsible - Guardian _1__ To belong to various social groups is important to me. __1_ I believe that one has to earn one’s sense of belonging in a specific group. __2_ I would much rather be a giver than a taker. __2_ I have a parental attitude towards the world. I feel a responsibility to look out for others. __2_ I can quite accept situations in which I feel bound and obligated.__2_ I follow a work ethic and feel those who follow a play ethic are neglecting their duties. __2_ I can easily accept the Boy Scout motto of “Be Prepared” as my own personal motto. __3_ In Aesop’s fable of “The Ant and the Grasshopper” I identify with the industrious ant. __3_ I tend to put a lot of effort into society’s institutions, such as family, church, service clubs and local government. __3_ When I attend a party, I really want to help the host or hostess in some way. __3_ I find it easier to save than spend. __3_ When asked to perform a task, even though I am already very busy, I find it very difficult to say no. __2_ I feel it is an honour to be elected to some office. __4_ My heritage is very important to me. __2_ I find I am resistant to change even when I know it is necessary or inevitable. __1_ I don’t believe that “possession is nine-tenths of the law.” If it belongs to someone it should be returned. __1_ I find it very hard to forgive others unless I feel they are truly sorry for what they have done. ___4 It is important for me to give a good day’s work for a good day’s pay. ___3 When judging most situations, I can easily decide what is rightand what is wrong. _1__ My need is to have status (to know my place in society’s various hierarchies.) __45_ Total Gold Orange - Action - Resourceful - Adventurous - Artisan__3_ Today must be enjoyed. Tomorrow may never come. ___1 I feel really alive when I am able to act on my impulses. __2_ I thrive in situations where the outcome is not known. __1_ I need the freedom to test my limits. _1__ In a crisis I act quickly and use all my abilities. __3_ I quickly become disinterested when there is no variety in what Iam doing. __3_ Tools fascinate me. I must try them out. __2_ Friends would consider me as exciting, cheerful, light-hearted and full of fun. ___3 I am easily bored with repetitive situations. ___4 I like to try new things. __4_ Setbacks are only temporary. __3_ Waiting for something to happen is torture. __4_ Life is an adventure. __3_ I have developed a number of skills because I felt an urge just to keep at them until I had mastered them. __1_ Having to rehearse or prepare is very frustrating. I just want to get on with it. __1_ Even at my job, if I enjoy it, I think of it as play. __2_ I like jobs that have a lot of action in them. __1_ When any of my relationships, of whatever kind, ends, I can move on rather quickly. __1_ In Aesop’s fable of “The Ant and the Grasshopper” I identify with the playful grasshopper. __3_ I enjoy making an impression on others. __43_ Total Orange List your scores Score Colourhighest _____ ____________next highest _____ ____________second lowest _____ ____________lowest score _____ ____________Blue - Empathetic - Authentic - Harmonious - Idealist - NF _4__ “Becoming” is more important to me than “belonging.” __2_ I am on a constant search for “self” and since I am not sure what “self”is, I have never quite found it. __2_ My purpose in life is to have a purpose in life. _3__ My desire is for self-actualization: to be and become real. __2_ I find I easily become what others want me to become. __3_ To think of myself as but a grain of sand on an immense beach fills me with despair. I need to feel unique. _4__ I must find meaning in the way I use my time and how I enter into relationships. _4__ I must present myself to others as I truly am. To do otherwise is to lackintegrity. __4_ I am very aware of others’ emotions and feelings. __3_ When I am in a relationship of whatever kind, I can spend immense amounts of effort maintaining it. ___2 What I do for others, I do not expect them to do the same for me; but Imust have some response from them. ___3 I find it easy to speak and write fluently. __3_ Any cause I espouse must have meaning for me to stay involved with it. __3_ I feel I can see potential in everyone and I delight in helping them find it. __2_ I frequently attend workshops and/or read in an attempt to find “answers.” __3_ “Be real, authentic and meaningful” could well be my motto. __1_ When I create something, it rarely lives up to my initial vision of it. __1_ I can be an intellectual butterfly, flitting from idea to idea without really mastering any of them. __3_ I think of the possibilities of people.__2_ I have a need is to be in a relationship. I am not content to …

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Durham Tech COMM 2204 - Temperament Colour Rating Quiz

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