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ContentTextbookOther ResourcesGradesPolicies for Late or Missed WorkExtra HelpAcademic IntegrityAdditional InformationCOVID-19 AppendixHealth and Participation in ClassHealth and Well-Being ResourcesCommunity Standards related to COVID-19Course Expectations Related to COVID-19:Course Delivery Changes Related to COVID-19Need Help?Other Important ResourcesMA 242 Calculus IIISP 22, Section 005 TR 3 - 4:50 Park Shops 201, recitation (005A) W 3 - 3:50 Brooks 318 Prof: Sharon Lubkin, [email protected], 919-515-1904, Zoom office hours M 3-3:45, F 2-2:45TA: Elijah Rutter, [email protected], 732-208-2451, Zoom office hours F 12-2:00ContentThird of three semesters in a calculus sequence for science and engineering majors. Vectors, vector algebra, and vector functions. Functions of several variables, partial derivatives, gradi-ents, directional derivatives, maxima and mimima. Multiple integration. Line and surface inte-grals, Green's Theorem, Divergence Theorems, Stokes' Theorem, and applications. Use of computational tools. 4 credit hours. Prerequisite: MA 241 with a grade of C- or better.Unit 1: Geometry and vectors in (x,y) and (x,y,z)-space Unit 2: The geometry of curves Unit 3: Differentiable multivariable calculus Unit 4: Multiple integrals (in Cartesian coordinates) Unit 5: Multiple integrals (in polar and spherical coordinates) Unit 6: Vector fields, line and surface integrals Unit 7: Fundamental theorems (Green’s, Stokes’, Divergence)Textbook Calculus III for Engineers and Scientists (Franke, Griggs, Norris). This ebook is accessed via WebAssign. The combined cost for the book and the webassign homework is about $78. Other ResourcesThe class Moodle has links to class videos, demos, the office hour Zoom links, and other re-sources. You are welcome to use your own supplementary materials - other textbooks, videos, etc. - whatever helps you learn. Just be careful to notice differences in notation or definitions. GradesHomework (Webassign and others) 15%, midterms 4@ 15%, final exam 25%. Letter grades will be on the usual 10-point scale with +/-. Final exam is Thurs 4/28 3:30-6. This date was set by the university and cannot be changed. Midterms will be in recitation, tentatively 2/2, 2/23, 3/23, and 4/13.Policies for Late or Missed WorkMake-Up Test Policy: All anticipated absences must be excused in advance of the test date anda make-up test scheduled if possible in advance of the absence. These include University dutiesor trips (certified by an appropriate faculty or staff member), required court attendance (certified by the Clerk of Court), or religious observances (certified by the Department of Student Devel-opment: 515-2441). Emergency absences must be reported within one week of returning toclass and must be appropriately documented (illness by an attending physician or family emer-gencies by Student Development). No other make-ups will be given. It is not wise to miss a test.Attendance: Attendance will be recorded daily in both class and recitation. You are expected to arrive on time to class. Any student who is not an active class participant the full class period (e.g., doing other work in class, socializing, sleeping, text messaging, leaving early) is recorded as absent. If you miss no more than 4 days AND attend every test, I will replace your lowest testgrade with your final exam grade (assuming it is higher). If you miss class or are late, you are still responsible for all material covered and assignments due.If you fall behind in the course for whatever reason, you should reach out to your instructor or TA. Your lowest three WebAssign assignments are automatically dropped from your grade. These drops are meant to be used for short-term illnesses or extenuating circumstances that may cause you to miss or underperform on a particular assignment. You can also turn in WebAssign problem sets up to seven days late for 80% credit (a 20% penalty).For longer-term, recurring, or more serious illness or other interruptions to your participation in this class, you should reach out to your instructor or TA as soon as you can, and we will make arrangements to help you get caught up. Attendance requirements and due dates may be ad-justed for documented excused absences. Extra HelpTutoring: The Academic Success Center (ASC) offers Drop-In and 1:1 Tutoring by Appointment for MA 242. Both formats are available starting Tuesday, January 18th, 2022. Additionally, the ASC offers Weekly Group Tutoring, which assigns students to tutoring groups of 3-5 and is a 1 hour/week time commitment. Joining requires a sign-up form. The form and additional informa-tion can be found at https://asc.dasa.ncsu.edu/. You can also contact the ASC via email: [email protected], or phone: 919-515-3163 with any questions.We encourage and expect you to work together with your classmates on homework assign-ments and studying, either remotely or in person. Office hours are available for extra help from the Professor (as scheduled or by appointment) and from the TA. Academic IntegrityOn WebAssign and written homework, we encourage you to work together with your peers and seek help from the teaching staff, textbook, and other resources as needed. However, you should make sure you understand the solutions you submit.On Midterms and the Final Exam, you may not work with anyone else nor seek outside help--collaboration is strictly prohibited unless otherwise specified. Each assessment will have instruc-tions outlining exactly what resources or electronic aides you are permitted to use.Posting course materials to websites like Chegg and Course Hero is a violation of copyright law and course policy and is strictly prohibited. Violations of this policy will be reported to the Office of Student Conduct.You are expected to abide by the Code of Student Conduct (NCSU POL11.35.01) and Pack Pledge. Violations of academic integrity will be handled in accordance with the Student Disci-pline Procedures (NCSU REG 11.35.02). Your signature on any test or assignment indicates "I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment."Additional InformationRequirements for Credit-Only (S/U) Grading: In order to receive a grade of S, students are required to take all exams and quizzes, complete all assignments, and earn a grade of C- or better. Conversion from letter grading to credit only (S/U) grading is subject to university dead-lines. Refer to the Registration and Records calendar for deadlines

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